Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Prayer Request for Lydia

Last Fall, Mama noticed that Lydia had started snoring when she slept.  Thinking it was odd but nothing extremely dangerous, she just kept a careful watch of her.  Lydia's snoring kept getting louder and whenever she slept her head would be tilted as far back as she could get it.  After months of observing her, we took Lydia to the doctor who said Lydia's tonsils and adenoids were extremely large and they would probably need to come out.  We like to think that every organ is in our body for a reason...and that we shouldn't cut them out at the first sign of something wrong.  SO, Mama and Daddy kept thinking about whether or not to get the surgery.  They spent many late nights researching, researching, and researching some more!  They went to 3 doctors (altogether) and the last doctor said that on a size rate of 1-4, Lydia's tonsils and adenoids were a 3.75!!  She often sounds like she's out of breath, and every now and then she cries when she eats, saying "it hurts".  Long story short, Lydia is having a tonsillectomy Friday morning.  Lydia has really bad sleep apniea...Mama and Daddy say it's a hard to watch her try and breathe as she sleeps.  They've looked at every alternative to a tonsillectomy and finally decided to get one done so Lydia can sleep at night, breathe normally, etc.

So, this post was just a request for our Brothers and Sister in Christ to lift up Lydia in their prayers Friday morning.  We also have Bread Becker Pick-Up at our house that night so prayers for those at home to get everything cooked, organized, and ready for our friends would be appreciated also! :)

We'd love for Lydia to come home as soon as possible after the surgery (once she is stabilized) so prayers for a quick recovery would also be wonderful! 
And I'll add one more specific prayer request for Lydia:  pray that she'll adjust easily to eating liquid food for a few days (weeks?) and that the cuts will hurt her as little as possible.

Thank you all so much!
Kimber and the Wass Fam

'“Please heal her, O God, I pray!”'
Numbers 12:13b

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