Monday, May 24, 2010

Beach Vacation Day 3

"He alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea."
Job 9:8

Monday morning it was so bright and beautiful at the beach!  (I've never seen the beach when it wasn't beautiful...)

Lydia on the porch that morning.

Our beach house had three levels and there was a large deck on the 2nd and 3rd level.  The only bad part being that the decks were not connected.  Consequently, to get to the 2nd level deck you had to go through someone's bedroom.  Normally there were some children napping when we needed to access the decks, so that didn't work out too great.  Overall I think the top deck was used the most! :)

I've forgotten a bunch of what took place during each day, so I'll just provide captions for the pictures!

Josiah in the hot tub.

The hot tub was on the top deck, so we had to run through the house to get to it.  That didn't work very well when you were soaking wet from the pool... :)

Seth in the hot tub.

Caleb in the hot tub.

Everyone enjoying the beach from the top deck.
Left to right:  Hannah, Paw-paw, Mae-Mae, Cadence, Na-naw, and G.G.


Cadence asked me to put ponytails in her hair after she did my hair.  She was so cute! :)

Eden and Cadence.

Cadence loves the camera, so we were taking self-portraits, pictures of each other, etc. before dinner.  And, speaking of sunburn, Eden got a lot of it! :)


We snacked on the nachos while waiting for dinner to be ready.

Justus and Lydia - the high chair babies! :)

Na-naw making a taco.

Caleb getting some onion-free enchiladas!  Yummy!

I know I have a lot of pictures of Cadence on here...she just gave me this look when I took the picture and then, after I took the picture, she excitedly asked to see it.

Dinner was, as always, really, really yummy!!!
After dinner someone found a dragonfly out on the deck.  It was a little weird seeing a dragonfly at the beach but I guess it wanted to catch a few rays too! :)

All the little ones were enthralled with the bug! :)

After dinner, we had some more hot tub fun!

Seth squirting Daddy from behind.

Na-naw (my grandma) brought these foam water squirters to the beach, and I'm sure she regrets it now! :)  Uncle Kevin sprayed her once and Daddy and Uncle Kevin tried to constantly get her wet with them.  It was pretty funny! :)

Lydia swimming around.

Like I said before, I've forgotten a bunch of what took place at the beach!  I'm sorry!  Just to make sure I don't miss anything I'll give you an approximate idea of what our day looked like at the beach:

7-8 AM:  wake-up, do devotions, go outside on the deck
8 AM-?:  eat breakfast and relax for a little bit
around 9-10 AM:  get ready to go down to the beach if it wasn't too cold or windy
10 AM-12ish (when weather permitted): go down to the beach and then come up and swim in the pool
12-2 PM:  dry off, eat lunch, and put the little ones to bed
2 PM-dinner:  read, watch T.V., walk on the beach, etc.
6-7 P.M.: dinner
After dinner we would play games, watch basketball, swim, watch for dolphins...whatever we wanted! :) 
 We had a dessert for every night of the week and we normally ended up playing a game or watching the Celtics and Cavaliers play on T.V. while we ate.  (Uncle Kevin is a fan of the Cavaliers and Aunt Megan is a fan of the Celtics so it was fun watching them go back and forth when one team lost and the other won.)
11 PM:  I think this was the normal time for us (Hannah, Alexis, and I) to go to bed!

It was either Monday or Tuesday at the beach that Paw-paw introduced us, one afternoon, to Bonanza.  It came on T.V. every afternoon, so we enjoyed watching Michael Landon play "Little Joe" and Hoss, and everybody.  It was like Little House on the Praire but different in its own good way! :)  The weird thing was that Daddy has always sung the Bonanza theme song and we never knew what he was singing until we watched Bonanza!  :)

Anyways, there's my report for what we did on our 3rd day at the beach!
Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)

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