Friday, May 28, 2010

Beach Vacation Day 4: Dad and Uncle Kevin Leave and a Beautiful Sunset

"Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything that moves in them."
Psalm 46:2
I think it was on Tuesday, the week we were at the beach, when I first went in the ocean.  I had stuck my toes in a few times, but I didn't immerse myself in the frigid waters! :)  I knew I had to get in at least once and I was so glad I did!  Daddy came out with me but it was so cold that we didn't get much deeper than our waists.  I think Tuesday the water was the coldest out of all the days; every time a wave hit you in a warm spot you would involuntarily gasp and hold your breath.  Yep, it was cold. :)

Just about every day there were around 6-20 surfers near our house.  Most of the time they were right in front of the house riding the waves.  It made for some great deck-top amusement! :)

One day the dolphins came up really close (closer to shore than the surfers) and it was neat watching the surfers yell and point at the dolphins nearby.

Caleb squirting me.

The pool was supposed to have pool heat but it really didn't stay warm.  We called Midgett Realty and they would come and fix it but it would never be a comfortable warm.  It wasn't freezing but it wasn't warm either, if that makes sense.  The hot tub was used the most! :)

Josiah playing with his boat in the hot tub.

I have some mighty handsome brothers, don't I? ;)

Lydia and Cadence warming up their hands in the tub.

Justus tried climbing up behind Cadence and Lydia, to access the hot tub, but it didn't work out.  So he just smiled and went to play somewhere else.


(Hannah went to the store with Na-naw and Paw-paw that morning, so she didn't get in the ocean.  But don't worry, she got in more than I did! :)

Justus on the deck.

After dinner that night, Uncle Kevin and Daddy left for home.  Daddy needed to do some work (we picked our vacation in his busy time...) and Uncle Kevin needed to get back for something important. ;-)  We missed them, but they came back Wednesday afternoon, so they weren't gone long.

Out of all the nights Jesus could've given us a beautiful sunset...He gave us one when Daddy had left, and, therefore, couldn't take me over to the soundside for some nice sunset pictures.  Oh well, the sunset was enjoyed just the same! :)

The beginning of the sunset.

While the sun was speedily setting, it was bathing the oceanside in pastel purples and pinks.  So pretty!

Grandma once sent me some emails with people "holding the sun" so this is just a picture of my experiments to do the same.

The sunset glowed prettier and prettier as the sun sunk further down the sky.

See what I mean?

The sunset also turned the oceanside more vivid colors.

The last picture of the sunset.

So, there's Day 4 done! :)  I have about 5 more days to go.


While I'm here...Mama (and baby!) are doing really well!  She was having some back problems but her midwife stretched her legs out and now she's doing much better.  (One of us - usually Daddy - has to stretch her legs out when she needs it, so she can get back to normal.  It's a physical therapy solution.)  She has 2 1/2 months until her due date!!!


We are about to pop out of the seams with all the food we're getting from our gardens.  We have tons of lettuce, pea pods, and strawberries!

Well, I should go...
Kimber :)

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