Friday, December 18, 2009

Wrestle Time with Daddy!

"Then Jacob was left alone; and a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day."
Genesis 32:34

After we got home from Mama's birthday party, we relaxed upstairs while Daddy wrestled with the boys.  About every week Daddy and the boys have "wrestle time."  Our boys love a good wrestle and Daddy thoroughly enjoys himself too, so together they have fun!   Caleb and Seth love wrestling.  Seriously.  Something about getting tackled, trying to get Daddy on the ground, conquering, failing, etc. is so much fun to them!  I don't blame them...we all used to have wrestle time together until some of us got too big! :)

Anyways, here are some pictures of them wrestling!

After approximately 15 years of wrestling with his kids, Daddy is really good!  It's so much fun watching them wrestle together.  Daddy is so much stronger (not for long!) than them but it's still fun watching them get tossed everywhere, smile, get up and go for another round.  Such a manly activity! :-D  I believe that God made men to be active, conquering, building, working...taking dominion in other words (Genesis 1:28)!  By wrestling and "conquering"  Daddy they feel invigorated and ready for another swing, even if they were just thrown off his back...... again!

I don't want to keep talking but Daddy is really good at wrestling.  I can't go into detail about all of the twists, turns, loops, tackles, etc. that he can accomplish within a matter of minutes but I hope these pictures will give you an idea.

One of his tackles(the pancake).  Caleb and Seth can't move til Daddy gets off of them...but it's really funny watching them try to squiggle away! :)

(He's the wrestle man in the family...and he loves every chance to tackle Daddy)

Another of Daddy's moves(spaghetti legs).  Both of the boys can't get away now!

Chewin' on some toes.(a great breaker of the manly will)

Now, I hope I haven't scared you to death...Daddy really doesn't chew on their toes.  He just "nibbles"...enough to make it tickle but not hurt at all.

Caleb enjoying himself.

Hardly a dull moment in our family! :) 
All for Jesus,

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