Monday, December 14, 2009

End-of-the-Year Homeschool Report Night

"The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, And a good report makes the bones healthy."
Proverbs 15:30

I'll get to the homeschool night in a second but first of all here's a picture that has nothing to do with homeschool night:

Seth made a huge pancake for Daddy for breakfast the other day and he wanted me to take a picture of his masterpiece.  There you go!

Now, to the homeschool night that occured last Thursday.

We have a homeschool night about every 2-3 months.  Since the end of 2009 is approaching we decided to do another homeschool night, including our folders, with Daddy and Mama.  "Our folders" consist of our school records for the year.  Everyone gets about 30 minutes of special time with Mama and Daddy talking about school that year and the things we would like to add to our school schedule.  We also get to talk to them about our goals for the year or whatever.  It's a special time together!

But, before we did that we did our group reports with everyone.

Seth, Eden, and Josiah were the first to give us their report.  They had made some crafts with leftover Christmas cards that went along with the account of Jesus' birth found in Luke.  Mama would read the Bible and each of them would hold up their paper with some card pictures describing what Mama was reading.


Mama reading Luke's account with Caleb looking on.  :)

Josiah showing off his paper.

Lydia being silly.

(She stayed in Hannah's lap 3/4 of the time and did fairly well!)

Eden's paper.

I just love how sweet Josiah looks when he's tired! :)

Daddy looking at one of the projects Seth, Eden, and Josiah made.   (Mama told them to go make a craft so she could get the Christmas letters done :-D)

After Eden, Josiah, and Seth were done their little show then Seth read us some of his Bible verses.

Caleb was next up...playing his guitar for us.

Yes, that was his attempt at a smile! :)

Playing one of his beautiful Christmas songs.

Lydia "reading" a Christmas book.

Watching Lexi read her report.

(Sorry - the picture of Lexi was on the "Coming soon" post)

After Lexi finished reading her WriteShop paper I read mine...

...and then Hannah read hers.

Since Hannah was the last person to be reporting, we all headed upstairs and watched a Veggie Tales video along with some others while the individual special time with Mama and Daddy began.  We did youngest to oldest again so Seth (I think) was the first to get his time with them. 

Before we went upstairs I managed to get a picture of our principal and teacher, along with our mascot...


Principal and teacher.

After Lexi had her special time with Mama and Daddy we ate some yummy homemade coffee ice cream       ( thanks Whitsons)  before going to bed.  (If you're wondering, Hannah and I got our special time with them later on another night).

Thus, ended our end-of-the-year homeschool report night!  School is over for all of us now so we're busy making presents, signing cards, etc.

Today we occupied ourselves with rearranging our fridge and freezers along with our computer desks, books, etc.  It was a very dusty process.  I helped Daddy with moving the appliances and underneath all of them were loads of dust and stains.  Yum! 

Anyways, tonight Mama and Daddy are going on a date for Mama's birthday (December 16th).  We'll be watching the younger ones and right now we have no plan, but I guess we'll think of something soon!

All for Jesus,
Kimber :)

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