Monday, October 20, 2008

Mountain Trip: Friday Night

After hiking up Humpback Rock and driving through the mountains we arrived at our Inn, checked in, got comfortable and relaxed for around 30 minutes - just to rest after the day.

Our Room

We went to "La Caretta's" Mexican Restuarant for dinner.
They had the best service of all the restuarants we've went to. We had about 6 waiters (alternately) come by every 5-10 minutes and ask if we needed anything. We arrived, ate and left in about 40 minutes! And that was when the restuarant was completely full! I don't think the waiters rested one moment, there was always a table to clear, guests to seat, people to serve, take orders etc. The food wasn't the best, but it was cheap and came in pretty big proportions (we were all full!), which was great!

There was a Dairy Queen two restuarants away from our Inn and after Mexican, ice-cream is the best!!! So, daddy bought us a small vanilla cone and it was REALLY good!

Seth licking Away!

Alexis and Eden

Josiah with ice-cream on his nose!

Here's a video of everybody licking their icecream!

Willingly Jesus',


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