Monday, October 20, 2008

1st Place Winner!

Well, I seem to have some issues in getting Kimber to put herself in the blog posts sometimes so for once I'm going to post something. For all those who don't know, our family went on a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains for an event called "Celebrate the Glory" this past Saturday. There, at the base of the gorgeous mountains, we listened to different speakers and enjoyed seeing and meeting other large families. To get on with what I'm trying to say, Kimber entered a photo contest there and, you'll never guess…she got 1st PLACE in the youth division!!! One speaker there was Ken Jenkins (he's a pretty famous photographer; a lot of cards and post cards have his pictures on them). He was kind enough to share his photos and experience.

To say the least we are very proud of her accomplishment and hope she will have many more!

WE LOVE YOU KIMBER! GO GIRL! And may God use the great gift He has given you to show other people His awesome power and beauty!

A Daughter of Jesus,

Hannah Wassenberg

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  1. Ok, girl.. now you need to post that picture... was it one from the fair?

    I hope you guys has a wonderful weekend!

    :) mrs. collins