Monday, July 14, 2008


"Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be as wise as serpents and harmless of doves."
Matthew 10:16
Saturday night as Hannah and I were writing in our diary (yes I keep a diary and do a blog!) and Caleb and Lexi were lounging around mommy came in and said...
"Daddy found something in the chicken coop if you want to go see what it is."
Now, when you live in the country and in our family it is not normal to find animals all over the place. Daddy brings home turtles, little snakes, lizards, salamandars etc.
I was the first one to let her words sink in and I hopped out of my chair and ran downstairs with my siblings following behind. Seth got there before me and everyone else since mommy told him (he was near the bathroom) before us. This is what met our eyes....
There seems to be a similarity.... Well, daddy didn't look like that when we came down but was holding the snake vertically. It was almost as tall as him - if it had been forced to be stretched out it would've been at least 6 ft. tall.
Now for the story:
Caleb and Seth forgot to close the back of the coop and since it was late and they were tired, daddy offered to close it for them. Well, he closed the "hatch" (fancy name for the little door they hop out of to get outside) and went to check on his "girls." When he opened the door he saw this black thing that glittered in his flashlight beam. It was Sir Snakey - trying to get out. Sir Snakey (I'll just call it Sir Snakey - I don't know the gender) was trying to get out the hatch since he found he'd been discovered. He would lift part of his body up and then try and force his way through wood. Sorry to say for Sir Snakey, he isn't a carpenter bee so he didn't escape. Daddy grabbed him by the back of his throat and brought him in knowing we would love to see it! :)

As you can sorta' see part of his snakey self (middle of the picture) was bigger than normal. Lexi (and of course the boys) felt it after daddy's encouragement and they say they could feel eggs - whole and crushed along that area.

Alexis was the brave one (she's always been the outdoor, touch-every-bug person) and so she held the snake - proudly, if I do say so myself. Caleb held Sir Snakey also but I'm not gonna show that picture. Daddy offered (more like pleaded) to let me hold Sir Snakey but I tried politely to decline. So, Alexis, Caleb and Daddy handled him. Seth touched its throat but that was pretty much it.

Here's a video I took. Nothing gross - you can really see how big the snake was. Lexi's also holding him in the video.

Okay, I"m not gonna say anything about Sir Snakey's fate!

Adonai's daughter,

P.S - Daddy's very good at handling animals (like he knows how to approach them and catch them without hurting himself), so don't worry about daddy getting hurt! :) He enjoys catching "wildlife" for us to look out and see how beautiful is Jesus' creation.

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