Saturday, July 12, 2008


"And Sarah said, 'God has made me laugh, so that all who hear will laugh with me.'"
Genesis 21:6

I just came in from swinging on the hammock (Well, really 10 minutes ago). I was pulling a rope to help "swing" the hammock. Seth and Josiah were enjoying the swing while tackling each other. Suddenly Josiah sits up...

"There's poke coming out of there."

"Poke?" I queried.

"Poke," he said confidently.

"Poke," I asked one more time.

"Yeah, poke."

Suddenly, Seth, seeing that I was confused greatly said...

"He means smoke!" Oh - well thanks for the help! IT was greatly needed!

Side Note: He saw the smoke from our wood-burning furnace that heats the house in the winter and provides hot water for free (except for the hard labor by daddy and sometimes us to provide the wood). That's where the smoke was from - a little chute specially designed to let the smoke out.


I gave Josiah a bath a couple minutes ago. I wrapped him up "like a hot dog" (a phrase referring to when I wrap him up tightly in his towel and carry him to his room after baths) and proceeded to his room. Laying him on the bed, I go to pick out clothes.

"Okay, hotdog," I say.

"I not a hotdog. I, Josiah David!" he replied in an offended yet funny tone. Oops - sorry for mis-using your name!


I hope you got a few smiles or laughs out of these stories!

May Jesus bless you,

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