Monday, March 5, 2012

Seth's Birthday

"Adam, Seth, Enosh"
1 Chronicles 1:1

We all celebrated Seth's 11th birthday on February 23rd.  His day started with the usual, "Happy Birthday" wake up song:

We then proceeded downstairs and to the breakfast table!

Seth picking out his Egg McMuffin.

 Seth chose hashbrowns and Egg McMuffins for his breakfast.  As usual, it was all delicious!

Eating breakfast.

 Reading one of his cards.

Seth also chose to have Toaster Strudels and we enjoyed two new flavors this time:  cinnamon bun and boston creme pie.

We celebrated Seth's birthday again on the night after his actual birthday.

Seth had a special pineapple punch for his drink and some sour jelly beans as an appetizer/treat.

The handsome birthday boy!

Eating dinner.

 Seth decided on chicken 'n wine sauce, rice, green beans and rolls for dinner.  Hannah did a wonderful job cooking everything!

After dinner came the presents!

Goodies from Hannah.

A gift from Alexis.

Gum from Caleb.

Seth also got the green ball pictured above.  Judah took a liking to its stretchy, squishy, lighting-up abilities!

When Seth opened up Lydia's present to him (a pack of gummies), he started to tell her thank you but she cut him short by jumping on him and giving him a hug.  It was pretty cute! :)

Doritos from Josiah.

Grandpa and Grandma got Seth a build-it-yourself Monster Truck.

When Seth wasn't watching, Judah took it upon himself to grab the goodies. :)

Lighting it up!

"Happy birthday to you..."
Seth conquered the two candles with no problem. :)

We ended Seth's birthday celebrations with his delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream cake and the movie Ice Age.

Kimber :)

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