Monday, March 12, 2012

Our First 5K

Well, believe it or not but 5 of us ran in our first 5K on March 3rd!

I think I told you about our friends, the Jacksons, getting us into running every day, right?  Well, Mrs. Jackson found a 5K for us to run.  It was two Saturdays ago at Holton Elementary School in Richmond.  The Jacksons and some other friends joined us for the 3.2 mile race.  The race started at 9 A.M. so we had to get up around 7, so we could get there in time.  :)

It was a bit chilly that morning but ended up being perfect running weather.  The forecast was calling for thunderstorms all morning but, thanks to prayers, we didn't get rained on at all!

Once we arrived at the school, we picked up our race packets and pinned our race numbers on our shirts.  We were soon told to start heading over to the starting place and we eventually meandered over that way. :)

Mama, Hannah, Lexi, Caleb, Seth, and I were running in the 5K.  Out of the Jackson family, Mrs. Jackson, Kyra, Ciara, Jude, Isaiah, and Zane were running.  We also had Courtney and Jaime Robinson join us, as well as Dylan, Hunter, and Daniel from church.

Before we knew it, the people in front of us started moving signaling that the race had begun!  The 3.2 miles went by and before I knew it, the race was over!

Here's everyone else's times and places:

Mama finished in 28:13 and placed 3rd in her age category.
Hannah finished in 31:49 and placed 2nd in her age category.
I finished in 28:04 and placed 1st in my age category.
Lexi finished in 34:00 and placed 10th in her age category.
Caleb finished in 25:05 and placed 3rd in his age category.
Seth finished in 30:13 and placed 9th in his age category.

Lexi and Courtney R. sprinting towards the finish line.

Stretching after the run.

I could try and tell you who everyone is in the picture but I would simply confuse you, so I won't.  Just know that we had one great group of people!

After we stretched, we went and got some water and ate some of the bananas, cookies, and doughnuts they had.   We then proceeded into the gym to hear who the winners were and to see if our numbers were called for the raffle.

All in all, the Jacksons said this was the worst 5K they had ever been in.  The lack of good organization, no mile markings on the race, the cheap little ribbons (they looked like they could've come from Dollar Tree), the scanty amount of food, and no awards for the people who won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd made this race the worst one ever.  Oh well, it seemed good to us because we've never run in a race before!

After the race was over and we were getting ready to leave, Hannah reminded me that I had brought my camera.  I totally forgot about asking Daddy to take pictures for me!  So, I have no pictures of my own to show you, so the pictures on this post came from Dylan.  I'm still upset with myself that I forgot to mention my camera to Daddy because I really wanted pictures of our first 5K. :-(

Hopefully I'll remember to tell Daddy next time.  Yep, we're running another 5K.  It's on September 15th and, according to the Jacksons, it is WAY better than the one we just did.  :)

Kimber :)

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  1. Great job on completing your first 5k! I'm glad that you all had fun doing it as well. Congratulations on your times! Special congratulations to you, Kimber, for finishing first in your age division!

    I hope your race in September goes well!