Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eden's Birthday

"The LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden..."
Genesis 2:8

Eden turned 8 last Thursday!  I have recently started working at a horse farm down the road (from 7-9 A.M.ish) so I usually miss breakfast with my family.  :-(  Anyways, I got up extra early (5:45 A.M.) on Eden's birthday and headed off to the barn 1 hour early.  I was really hoping to be back in time for Eden's birthday breakfast.  As I mucked stalls I started realizing that it was 8:00 and I wasn't going to make it (we eat breakfast at 8:30 A.M.).  I wasn't happy about that but I just tried to work faster and hope (against all odds) that I could finish in time.  Then, out of nowhere, Mama and Seth appeared!  They had come to help me!  I was so thankful for their help because I was home in time for devotions and breakfast!  (The rest of my family waited 30 minutes more than normal for us to get home.  Thanks guys! :)

Before we settled in for devotions, we went and "woke" the birthday girl up.  When she arrived downstairs devotions commenced and Eden got a beautiful glass filled with oranges:

Such a pretty birthday girl! 
After devotions Eden went to her seat and found a present waiting for her there!

She also found some candy surrounding her plate! :)

 Ready for breakfast!

 Eden's breakfast consisted of Daddy's omelets, hash browns, and pop-tarts!

Don't tell anybody, but this picture was supposed to be flipped/vertical.  :)  But I'm in rush mode so I'm not going to flip it...think it can pass?  :)


 As she ate breakfast, she opened her present from Ms. Lee (a friend from church).

She loved her bunny slippers...
...and her mailbox that had some candy inside. :)

 She really liked her headband and Nerd chapstick as well! :)

As she was opening presents, Aunt Stacey called and wished her a happy birthday!

When everyone was finished eating (well, everyone but Eden) we pleaded with Eden to open her present from Grandpa and Grandma.  She wanted to save it for the night we were going to give her our presents, but we eventually persuaded her.  
 I think she was really glad she listened to us!

 She got a fluffy, amazingly-soft pillow and blanket! 
 Lexi got a blue set for her birthday and Eden was saying (for weeks) that she wanted one of  her own.  That wish was granted! :)

Normally we try and do birthday parties the same day of the birthday, but this time it didn't work out.  So, Eden's birthday party was postponed until the next night.  
Before dinner last Friday night, Hannah curled Eden's hair and she put on a pretty dress.  Then (just because it's so fun! :) we went out and did a little photo are some of my favorites! :)

Ah, love her deep blue eyes!

 Hannah was my "assistant".  She was always going "Why don't you lay down, Eden?" "Put your head this way" or something along those lines.  Quite a few of these poses were Hannah's idea! :)

Taking these pictures was slightly perilous because it was "rush hour" on our road.  ("Rush hour" for us is 2-4 cars passing our house in a 5-10 minute period. :)   Eden was still great...though a tad nervous.  (Don't think I made her sit in the middle of the road...she wanted to! :)

Back inside, a yummy dinner was being made:  hamburgers, potatoes, greenbeans, and carrots.  
 Seeing pictures of our burgers makes me hungry!  They are the bomb (Dad cooks them perfectly and the toasted buns and melted cheese just wrap up the perfection!)!

 Lydia saw me with the camera and said "Tate a piture of me!"  So I gladly obliged. :)

This was the little bouquet adorning the table. :)

After dinner the present-opening started with Eden going on a "hot-cold" game.  In the schoolroom she was finally "burning" and she found a handcrafted, red barn constructed by Seth and Lexi.  She liked it a lot! :)  [In another present she opened, she found some little horses that she could put in her barn.]

Back in her special seat (with her fuzzy blanket from Gpa and Gma) she opened the rest of her gifts.

 I think she was really excited about this present! :)

A little bag of Cheetos from Lydia! :) 

Daddy and Mama got Weedels a Bible cover.

Lydia laid on Eden's pillow during part of the gift-opening. :)

When all the gift opening was over, it was time for dessert!

Eden's birthday cake had no cake in it! :)  She had a layer of Oreo Blast ice cream, chopped up Oreos, vanilla ice cream, Magic Shell drizzle, and then homemade whipped cream dyed purply-pink.  

Judah rocking with Daddy before we sang to Eden.

Blowing all the candles out! :)

As we ate the delicious ice cream cake we watched Dreamer.  And then Weedles 8th birthday party was over. :)

Kimber :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Eden! Gracious, you're growing like crazy...last year, Lexi was wearing that same dress! Ahh! Anywho, love ya!

    His Princess,