Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friday: The Last Full Day at the Beach

The last day at the beach was like many of the others.  I wish I remembered all the details of every day but, alas, my poor brain! :)

The only pictures I took that day were of some of my siblings and relatives in the pool:

Lydia normally doesn't like big bodies of water (she doesn't like getting splashed and she likes to have someone hold her) but the floats in the pool helped her be less demanding. :)

Weedels swimming around...

Justus trying out a float.
My cousins, Cadence and Justus, loved having me watch them jump into the pool with just their floaties.  It was cute to watch them go under water and come up smiling. :)

Yep, Hannah's a baby magnet. :)

Na-naw teaching Lydia to swim (which she wasn't too thrilled about! :).

Later that night everyone, but our family, went out to eat.  My family and I stayed home, got dressed up, and went down to the beach for our annual pictures!  I would show them all to you right here, but I've posted them here, so I won't. 

Well, here's just one picture of all of our footprints.

We took our pictures under the nearby pier...Daddy was a big help in setting up the tripod for me (so I could be in some of the photos :) and doing whatever I asked. 

After pictures were over we ate dinner together around the huge table (Mama had dinner cooking in the oven during picture-time..she always thinks ahead! :).  After dinner, everyone else came back from their dinners and we spent our last day at the beautiful beach!

The next morning (Saturday) everybody packed up and left...our family was the last to leave.  :)  We were used to 6 full days at the beach (instead of the 4 we had this year) so we couldn't bring ourselves to leave before 10 A.M. that morning.  So we packed up the car and went back down to the beach for another hour or two.  

Eventually we did have to leave, so we piled in and drove on home.  We did stop in Williamsburg for a rare and yummy meal at Olive Garden!  I think most of us wouldn't mind eating their breadsticks and salad every day!

When we got home, the electricity was on (woo-hoo! :) so we didn't sweat to death and have to lug in water from outside for the toilets.  (Ah, things we take for granted!)

I have to say a thank you to Mr. Jon who watched over the house for us, while we were gone.  He fed and cared for all our various animals, alternated plugging fridges/freezers to the generator, and slept here where there was no A.C.  Thanks Dowy! :)

So, the beach posts come to an end.  I loved posting the pictures, but, quite frankly, I'm glad I'm done with these posts.  Now I can post about everyday things (and post on my forlorn photo blog more often...)!

Til next time,
Kimber :)

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