Friday, August 12, 2011

K.K.'s 16th Birthday Party

Last Saturday we went up to my Aunt Stacey's house to celebrate Kaitlyn's 16th birthday!  We left around 6:30 A.M. and met up with my Aunt T.C. and cousins, Collin and Mason, in Mechanicsville.  Then we were really on our way! :)  Before we made it to my aunt's house we stopped in Stuarts Draft to pick up some feed and take a quick potty break.  :)  Then off we went again! :)

We finally arrived about 10:45 A.M. and gave everyone hugs.  It was a beautiful day outside so when we first arrived we spent some time out on the porch.  And who should be on the porch, but some of my adorable cousins?  As I'm sure you've guessed already, here come the pictures! :)

 This is Asher and he's 6 days older than Judah!  Don't you love his big, blue eyes?!

And you all know that this is lil' brother.  Can you believe he'll be 1 year old in less than a month?

 This is Rachel, Kaitlyn's youngest sister, and she has the cutest smile! 

Around noon we ate Kaitlyn's special lunch of barbecue, chicken nuggets (for those not fond of bbq), veggies, and chips!

After lunch I was out on the front porch with my camera and Hannah came over and as she talked to us I grabbed two quick pictures of her:

The front porch of Aunt Stacey's house is so pretty and once I saw Hannah's two pictures I had to take some more! :)  So, Hannah and I brought our little cousin Cadence out and she became our first subject!

 The flowers in these pictures were totally Hannah's idea! :)
Isn't she absolutely adorable?!

After taking some photos we showed Aunt Megan (Cadence's mama) the photos and she came out for 2 pictures with her daughter.

Love, love, LOVE!!  Ah!
I love spontaneous, on-the-spur-of-the-moment pictures because they can be so much more "real" looking than posed photos.  Other than tell Aunt Mae-Mae to sit down in the chair I did nothing else!  Have I mentioned how much I love photography?  Capturing these types of pictures always make me fall more in love with photography!

Our next subject was Justus, Cadence's brother, who is so cute too!

Now you're probably wondering why, out of all 8 cousins that were there, I only have pictures of the younger ones.  Well, they were the ones available and easiest to persuade to come stand for pictures! :)

After the guys finished playing football and everyone else finished eating lunch Kaitlyn opened her presents.

Reading her cards (and don't worry about the face in the left photo...that's the "what-in-the-world" look not an unhappy one! :)

Kaitlyn's last present was from her parents.  It was a necklace with half of a heart hanging on it.  Uncle Mike read a few paragraphs about Kailtyn turning 16 and the significance of it before showing that he had another necklace with the other half of the heart.  It was a nice, beautiful 16th birthday present! :)

 The hug at the end of the reading. :)

Next came the cake and the "Happy Birthday" song!

 K.K.lit most of her own candles! :)

 "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear K.K., happy birthday to you!"

The birthday girl and her yummy Ukrops cake! :)
After all the festivities were over, everybody just "hung out."

Paw-paw rocked Asher (and himself!) to sleep...

Lexi gave Uncle Kevin his all-time favorite: a head rub...

...and the rest of us talked about memories from when were little, played games, and just enjoyed the family time. :)

Alas, the time came to leave and we gave lots of hugs and goodbyes.  The mountain views as we drove back to our house were exquisite!  I love the mountains!

Around 8 P.M. we stopped for dinner at a Cici's somewhere and ate a delicious meal (thanks Daddy and Mama!).  Then we were back on our way arriving home around 10-11 P.M. that night. :)

Happy birthday, K.K.!  We love you so much and hope you enjoyed your special day!
Kimber and all the Wassenbergs :)

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