Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Wonderful Outdoors

Yesterday afternoon, I asked Kimber if I could borrow her camera (Nikon D90) to take some pictures of the flowers and such that were/are growing outside.  She replied yes-to my delight, and I ventured out with the camera and micro lens and a mind set on getting some good pictures.   

 The beauty of the Dandelion is on the inside some could say.  Most people think of the Dandelion as the most annoying "weed" ever, that destroys the beauty of their lawn and garden.  I see it as a herb (which it is, by the way) and a wonderful plant created by God.  The whole plant is edible and at one point and time in history- and sometimes now -  The leaves and florets were/are used for salads and edible decor and the roots were used to make Dandelion wine. What a useful so-called "weed"!

 A beautiful Jasmine floret
 A up and coming Hyacinthe (Sorry about the side-ways pictures)
 Some weeds are so pretty!! :)  I love these little white flowers!

 I thought this was clover but Kimber corrected me and told me they were Hen-bit as per Daddy. ;) 
 A..flower enveloped in a tulip that is coming up in our "garden".
Butterfly bush sprouts
 Buds on our fruit trees-

 A little shoot coming up in our food garden!
 Roosters! (Well, probably the same rooster ;)

 Yeaaaa!! We have a little blue-bird family preparing their home in the bird house the guys put up!
 More pretty henbit :)
 Halo our pussy-tat
 Yea, she thinks shes the "queen of the mattress". ;)

 After awhile, I returned inside and flipped through my pictures, deleting the not wanted ones and such.  Before putting it away I snapped a quick picture of the piano and uploaded all my photos to the computer..and now I've posted them!  Hope you enjoyed!!

His Princess,

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  1. Very beautiful pictures, Lexi! I have a feeling you are anticipating spring...? =) I sure am!

    In Him Alone,
    Jaime BFF