Monday, February 28, 2011


"Judah is a lion’s whelp;From the prey, my son, you have gone up. He bows down, he lies down as a lion; And as a lion, who shall rouse him?"
Genesis 49:9

I was thinking how it had been awhile since I took some pictures of Judah!  He was playing happily on the floor and I got my siblings to talk to him so I could get some cute pictures! :)

In this picture he's doing the airplane position...arms outstretched, head in the air, and feet up!  He does "the airplane" when he's excited and wants someone to pick him up! :)

 This is the face he gives you when he gets's so cute! :)

Here are two of my favorites from the morning!  I love the picture on the right...just look at his eyelashes!!! :)

I've been working on focusing manually with my camera.  Ever since I've held a camera I've used AF (Auto Focus) all the time because it was simply easier.  BUT, I'm figuring out that if I really wanted to advance in my photography skills I've got to learn to focus I'm in control and so I pick what the camera focuses on.  It's so hard to go from AF to manual but I'm loving the results!  The pictures I would normally take would be focused but not focused where I want and now they are!  I love that I can focus on people's eyes...when the eyes are sharp and clear the picture looks so much better! :)

Anyways, just a little photography info for those who might enjoy it.


Two weeks ago (or so) most of us got the flu!  Yep.  Thank the Lord it was not the vomiting flu...just the fevers.  Lydia came down with it first on Tuesday morning and then Josiah followed that night.   Thursday morning Hannah, Alexis, Daddy, and I got it.  We were all pretty miserable...body aches, chills, 100-103 degree fevers, etc.  It was kinda' neat being sick the same time as Hannah.  We were sitting in the rocking chairs together, seeing how miserable we looked and laughing.  It's not often that Hannah, Alexis, and I get sick all at once! :)

We're all better now, praise the Lord (by the way...Advil is like my best friend now)!  Seth and Eden did have the flu for one day (compared to our 4-7) but thanks to Hyland's flu medicine (that you take at the onset of the flu) they were completely healed the next day.  Why couldn't we have taken that?  It didn't get shipped here on time! :)

Well, it's 5 minutes until I've got to be doing adios! :)
Kimber :)

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