Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow and Our Nativity

"For He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth’;"
Job 37:6a

Today, I woke up to the beautiful sight of snow lightly blanketing the ground!  It soon began snowing again and right now my siblings are playing outside. 

Not a whole bunch of snow but at least there is some!

Some snow crystals.

See the little snowflake?

Daddy had left a glass out to get cold so the snow would stick to it, and so I could get some pictures, and I found this little one!

More snow on the glass.

While I'm here I might as well give some pictures of our finished nativity!  (We put up a nativity every year for Christmas, instead of a Christmas tree.)

Daddy puts plastic down so that we can add the logs to the outside of the nativity.  It adds a nice "woody" touch!  (It's also fun to walk on the logs when you get bored! ;) 

Daddy put straw and cedar chips down inside the nativity this year. We've done straw before, but the cedar chips was a new idea! :)

Our manger is one of my favorite things about the nativity.  We made it ourselves a while ago, so it makes it all the more special! :)

We received Christmas figurines a few years back and decided to add them to our nativity.  There are shepherds, livestock, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and the wise man (complete with camels)!

One of the lights on our fake pine trees in the Nativity.

This is one of the White House Ornaments.  They are really beautiful ornaments that Grandma gives us each year.  This one is my favorite! :)

[If you are wondering where we put all our ornaments since we don't do Christmas trees...we hang most of them on the lights that line our ceiling and on various things throughout the house.]

If any of you have been to our house, you'll know that we keep some of our Christmas lights up, year round.  They're so pretty and they cost hardly anything to keep on (they're LED) that we can't part with them! :)  Since some of the lights were already up, it made decorating easier!  Eden and I hung up the ornaments while everyone else was occupied elsewhere.

Anyways, there's a quick view of what's been going on around here.   I was uploading photos to the internet today and I realized just how much stuff I haven't posted about...and it's a lot.  But I'm not going to panic...I'll just post at my normal rate:  slow. :)

Have a great day!
Kimber :)

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  1. I love your nativity! Our family really does absolutely nothing for Christmas except gift exchange, which is rather boring...Especially since I love organizing, decorating, and crafts... :( Anyway, we got about three inches of snow here! It wasn't that exciting, as my siblings are "too old" to "play in the snow"...Ah well. Love ya'll!

    In Him Alone,