Friday, December 10, 2010

"The Guy" Post

"So the boys grew."
Genesis 25:27

The other night we came across a need for a picture of just my four brothers (minus daddy).  So, we got Caleb, Seth, Josiah and Judah to semi-match their clothes and then we sat them in our huge beanbag.  [Daddy ordered a 6 ft. beanbag when Josiah broke his leg, because a nurse had recommended it, saying that it really helped.)  The beanbag is huge!  We can easily fit 3-6 people on it (depending on size, of course ;) and it is ultra-comfy!  I could make an entire post up about it! :)  Anyways, back to the boys...

Aren't my brothers handsome???!!! ;)

 Judah was doing great for these could tell he wanted someone to pick him up but Hannah and Mama were talking to him to keep him from crying.  A few times he came close to crying:

  Judah was so cute, dressed up in his little Christmas outfit, that I took a few pictures of him by himself! 
Judah loves chewing on his fingers! :)

Smiling at Hannah.

What a cute little guy! ;)
(Mama likes to say he's saying his prayers when he folds his hands like that! :)

After the boys picture, Josiah wanted to show off his most recent accomplishment:

Yep - he's standing!  (Well, most of the way!)

A few minutes ago he was just creeping along on his feet!  We're so proud of him!  Instead of complaining about his cast, he finds ways to overcome the limitations his cast makes for him.
On to the next subject:
Our blog renovation.

I've wanted to change our blog for awhile and I'm slowly making it!  A few things are "in drafts" right now and sometime I'll be finished remaking everything!  
If anyone knows how to read, understand, and edit the HTML of Blogger, let me know because I have a few questions to ask you! ;)  I want to change the margins of the posts...I want the posts to take up the entire page with no sidebar.  I know you can do this with the new Template Designer but I don't want to use the designer because I don't like the way it looks on our blog (I've tried.).

I also have to post about Uncle Sean's wedding, my birthday, and I have many posts from summer I never got to post because of Blog problems.  So, we'll see what happens!

Have a great night!
Kimber :)


  1. So far the blog is looking great! I love the new family picture. I enjoy keeping up with you all through your blog. I am hoping to get mine going again after we move. By the way, I read about a book series and thought your family may be interested (you probably already know of these books): Knights of Arrethtrae Series. Keep up the good work and my God bless you!

  2. I LOVE the new design! I liked your other one too, though. Congrats to Josiah, I hope he's feeling better. Oh my goodness, Judah is SOOO cute! Talk to you soon,

    In Him Alone,