Thursday, October 7, 2010

An Update and Prayer Requests

I know it has been almost a month since my last post.  But, in my defense, it isn't me that has made this gap so big!  It's all bloggers fault!  It will not let me upload any pictures from my computer to this blog.  It is an extremely frustrating experience.  

So, there is my excuse, and I really don't feel like talking a lot about it because it still isn't working...and I'm still frustrated that it isn't working.

I emailed our friend, Jon, and asked him if he had any ideas and he said to upload it to Picasa Web Albums and then to the blog.  Well that worked, and I was all excited to finally have a post ready!  So I uplaoded all the pictures and wrote up most of the post in about 2 hours.  I was excited.  The next day we pull up blogger and all of the writing on the post was gone and a few pictures too (the majority of the pictures were still there, but the writing takes the longest).  

So, ever since then, I have been avoiding blogger because I will not let this little computer make me upset!  It is so frustrating...I've tried for at least 9 days to upload one picture and it still isn't working.  It uplaods all day and never completely uploads.  So, that is a little bit of my vent on how much I love blogger right now.  I still have a lot of frustration left in me, but I'll keep it to myself, because you didn't come to hear my ventings.

So, focus, Kimber, focus!!!


I want to give the update first and then the prayer requests.

Once again, I really want to tell you all about what's going on, Judah's milestones, birthday parties we've celebrated...but I can't.  I don't know if Jesus is using this lovely blog of ours to teach me longsuffering, or not.  It sure seems like it.

But, I said I would focus.

Until the Lord decides to heal our blog, here are just 4 pictures of what has happened recently.

Eden Rose celebrated her 7th birthday on September 29th.  We had her party on the 31st.

She had pizza for dinner and ice cream cake for dessert.  The movie she picked to watch that night was The Robe.


Judah-man.  He is so precious.  I have SO many pictures of him that I would love to show you, but, I can only share 2.

Judah's smiling now!  Just today he smiled at me at least 5 times!  In this photo he is cracking a smile at Hannah.  

Isn't he so precious? :)

He still hasn't figured out that he's supposed to:  sleep, eat, play, and repeat the process.  He doesn't like sleeping unless someone is holding him.  At night he does very well, but something about the daytime...

Anyways, you're probably wondering how I managed to get 4 photos on the blog when I've been complaining that I haven't been able to.  Well, I used Picasa Web Albums.  The only problem with Picasa being that I've completely used up all of the space on my account, so, in order to upload more photos to Picasa (and then the blog) I have to go and delete (read slowly) picture...after....picture...after...picture.  Not fun.  Anyways, I guess that is my first prayer request.

#1:  That our blog will be healed and that I will be able to upload photos in an easy, convenient way.  I started this blog (among other reasons) to glorify Christ in our everyday lives and if the pictuers aren't working, there has to be a reason.  I'm thinking that right now the Lord wants me to focus on something else right now.  

That brings me to my 2nd prayer request:  On Saturday (October 9th) I'm photographing my 2nd wedding.  Whew...I got it out! :)  I don't like telling lots of people about it, but I need people to pray for me and the only way to let people do that tell them what my prayer requests are! :)  I'm so grateful that the couple that are going to be getting married are so much fun and very laid-back.
This prayer request has many smaller prayer requests associated with it.  I'll just list them off to you, to make it easy! :)

#1.  For me to think clearly and quickly.  If I don't think clearly I will miss out on some pictures that I'll never get a chance to capture for the couple again.  Oh, and I can't let myself think "what if I miss..." or I'll start stressing out. :)

#2.  For me not to get flustered or overwhelmed when some pictures don't come out pretty, or just from the pressure of being the only photographer to try and capture their wedding day (a day they'll never have again).  I'm quite the fretter and I put tons of pressure on myself...that's just me.  So I've really been focusing on not stressing out and the Lord has given me a great peace.  It's really quite wonderful!  Just pray that that peace will extend throughout the entire wedding day! :)

#3.  For me to enjoy myself and to smile, smile, smile constantly.  I want to be happy!  If I'm overwhelmed I will be quite the bear to manage and when I'm a bear I don't think clearly and quickly and everything gets messed up.  I hate being's a most terrible disease.  Plus, who wants a grumpy photographer at their wedding?  I mean, really?  So, pray that I'm overflowing with joy and smiling constantly!!!  (And I don't mean a cheesy, fake smile but a smile that can only come from a joyful heart that is enjoying every moment the Lord gave her.)

#4.  For anything and everything I do on their wedding day to be glorifying to the Lord.  This goes along with the grumpy prayer request.  Jesus is the only one who can give real peace and joy and if I'm displaying anything other than that, I miss out on the chance to be a "city set on a hill," to any unbelievers that might be there. 

#5.  That I won't give into pressure of what other people might think of me or my pictures.  I'm always scared that people will hate my pictures and that none of my photos will come out right. 

#6.  That I can edit the photos I take, quickly and nicely and get them to the couple before 1 months' time.  As you may have noticed, I tend to take lots of pictures.  Weddings are no exception.  My first wedding I took over 700.  So, getting all of those pictures edited and onto CD's will take awhile.  :)  Any prayers for the editing process would be greatly appreciated also!  [I don't think this blog will see me again until I finish editing all those photos!!!]

#7.  For none of my equipment to malfunction.  I most definitely do not have an extra camera or wide-angle lens hanging out around here, so they absolutely cannot break down.  They just can't.

  I would greatly appreciate any prayers offered up on my behalf!  Even if you only remember to pray once, I will still be so grateful.  Knowing that everyone who reads this blog will pray at least once makes me covered in prayers!  And, if you're vacuuming or doing anything on Saturday and happen to think of me...just stop and say another little prayer for me, if you can.   I would be so grateful!

By the way, the wedding starts at 2 P.M. but I'll probably be at church around 12ish.  :)

Anyways, thank you (ahead of time) for praying for me.  I'm so excited about Saturday - and I want to stay that way! :) :)

"And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."
Matthew 21:22

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;"
Philippians 4:6
(this is a good one for me!)

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much."
James 5:16 
I can't wait to come back from the wedding excited and overflowing with joy at how the Lord answered my (and your) prayers!!!!! :)
Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)


  1. Oh, Kimber. Not only do I know that you are going to do an absolutely wonderful job at the wedding but I believe that you are going to capture moments that not even a professional photographer with 20 different cameras could capture. I've seen the pictures you've taken and I have never seen 1 of them not perfect. You are going to do great. I'll be praying for you. Just remember to stay calm, breathe, and just have fun. Say hey to the rest of the crew for me and I hope that blogger starts working again. I was starting to wonder what happened. Haha. Ok well I know you are going to do great!! Don't stress there's no need! Love ya!
    Your cuz,

  2. Kimber,

    I prayed for you and I'm sure you'll do great :) Great pics! Judah is really cute!


  3. I prayed for you as well, Kimber. =)

    Only, it was beforehand when you wrote me about photographing a wedding in one of the letters...

    And I didn't know you were doing Nick and Becca's wedding too! Or were you talking about their wedding the whole time..? I thought you put a different date before though... Or MAYBE you weren't talking about them at ALL!!!! O.O

    ...Were you talking about their wedding? Lol! I don't know... =P

    All I know is that their wedding was yesterday...

    And your new baby brother is so cute!!! I meant to tell you guys congratulations before. =)

    I'm sorry about Blogger being such a struggle. I know it's caused me certain problems before with writing, formatting, and what not. =/

    I'll pray that things get better concerning Blogger. Technology can sure be irritating sometimes, huh?

    Do you have a Gmail account or something? That's where I use to save all my writings (if I'm doing something long-ish that I don't want to lose).

    You could save your writing as a draft on there, and if Blogger decides to go screwy on ya (or anything else for that matter), you'd still have your writing, and you wouldn't have to rewrite everything.

    Also, would it be possible to create another Picasca (Did I spell that right?) account where you could just upload more photos? You might need another email address, but still, it'd be easier than deleting pics one by one...