Wednesday, September 22, 2010


"Judah, you are he whom your brothers shall praise;"
Genesis 49:8

It has been awhile since I last posted, so I wanted to share some pictures of Judah that I took last week.

Judah is finding out how his tongue works! ;)

Oh, isn't he absolutely precious?  I could just eat him up! :)

Lydia loves Judah to death!  She pets his head and absolutely loves "holding" him! :)

"Hey there!"--- "wha sup, bro"


The other day I was out taking pictures of Alexis for her 13th birthday, when Daddy called me over to see a lizard that he had found.

Sadly, I didn't have my micro lens on so I couldn't get him up close!  He still is cute from a distance though! ;)

Speaking of Lexi's 13th birthday, her party on Saturday went very well.  That post will be coming next!


Now for a fun story!

I was in the schoolroom this afternoon, peacefully doing my grammar (we started school on Monday) when Caleb comes over nonchalantly and wraps a string around my neck...twice.  I thought about removing the string quickly and then pummeling Caleb but I restrained myself and thought "oh, I'll just let Caleb have some fun."  Great idea, Kimber.  I loosened the string a little bit, when he pulled on it to make sure it was tight enough, and then continued with memorizing prepositions (not much fun...I've been trying to make up a song to memorize all 50! :).  Then grammar time was over for me, so I got up, looked slyly at Caleb and started walking out the room.  I was all smug thinking "ha!  I've got his string now and there's nothing he can do to stop me."  As I was walking out of the schoolroom I looked  back over my shoulder at Caleb.  He's just sitting near the school counter, smiling at me.  (I was shocked that he hadn't attacked me yet!)  Still feeling good about myself I walk into the room where we store our grain, when all of a sudden that string cinched around my neck so tight that I involuntarily walked back towards the schoolroom...whereupon it loosened considerably.  When I make it into the schoolroom, I was like "What, what happened?" and Caleb and Seth are chuckling their little heads off.  I look around the room and then pick up the string that had now fallen off from around my neck and look at it.  Then I understood....

In our schoolroom we have 2 lines of string that span the distance of the room for hanging our clothes on in the wintertime.  Well, Caleb had detached one end of the strings, wrapped it around my neck and left the other end of the string still attached to the hook on the wall.  So, when I got up thinking that "I've got this" the string was cinching tighter and tighter around my neck as I walked out the room.  When I had reached the end of the rope's length the string tightened enough to stop me in my tracks, and then the knot Caleb had tied around my neck gave and the string unwound, allowing me to breathe again.  ;)  Trust me, I wasn't hurt.  I was actually amazed that Caleb could think up something like that and act it out so smoothly without me running away from the bait.

Ah, I love my brothers!

What would this world be like if we didn't have little brothers to play tricks on us?  It would be quite a boring place! :)

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)

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  1. Hahaha!!!! That's an awesome story!!! XD

    I only have one little bro in my family (Will), and he's always been the "nice guy." So I don't get pranked on very much.

    More often it's ME who's doing the pranking: pretending to pat someone on the back and actually putting a sticker on them, holding down the sprayer on the sink when someone tries to do dishes, pulling the chair back before someone tries to sit down (I only really did that one once in 1st grade. My best friend was TICKED, but I couldn't stop laughing.), balling up little pieces of toilet paper, wetting them, and throwing them up to stick on the ceiling (my Dad made me quit that though because he said they scared him half to death when they fell on him while he was in the shower).

    Let's see... What else? Oh yeah. Scaring Will at night with the walkie talkie under his pillow. I did my "monster voice." Originally supposed to be the Gollem voice, but I sound nothing like him. It's much more deep rather than high pitched (like Gollem's).

    I remember when Will figured out it was the walkie, he pulled it out and responded back to me, "Court, you totally freaked me out just now!! I was looking around the room like who is speaking to me?!"

    Yeah...pranks can be fun, so long as they don't hurt someone. Some people go a little overboard with it.

    And congrats on the new baby, by the way. I haven't come on Blogger much lately, so...yeah, I found out kinda late. =P

    I need to find some easy way to remember to check Blogger updates more often...