Monday, July 5, 2010

Hannah's "Sweet 16" Birthday (Part 3)

" shall celebrate..."
Leviticus 23:32

On Monday, June 21st, we celebrated Hannah's birthday (again! :).  Hannah decided that she would have Grandma's Farmer Crepes for breakfast that morning.  If none of you have ever had crepes before they consist of a tortilla-like pancake, filled with ham, eggs, and potatoes, and then smothered in a delicious sauce.  Anyways, they are so yummy and, no, we didn't save you any! :)

Hannah eating.

Daddy displaying his appreciation of the crepes for you.

Reading a card.

Eating a pop-tart.

Daddy made a late-night run to the grocery store, the night before, to pick up some pop-tarts for Hannah (as a surprise)!  They were really good too! :)

When breakfast was close to over, Hannah went on a hunt for a present.  Caleb had hidden the present in our room and he used a "hot-cold" tracking system, to give Hannah hints on where to find the gift!


Found! :)

Hmmm....what could it be?

Preparing To Be A Help Meet by Debi Pearl!!  Yeah!!!

Huggy, huggy! :)


Later that day, Mama and Daddy prepared to take Hannah out...somewhere.  For awhile we had known that they were going to be taking Hannah somewhere special on her "Sweet 16."  So, Hannah got ready and then they left around 1:30.  (They left early so they could attend my great-aunts' funeral.)

Lydia on the sidewalk, waiting to wave goodbye to Daddy, Mama, and Hannah.

Baby feet! :)

While Daddy was taking a shower, everyone was cleaning the truck to make it special for Daddy, Mama, and Hannah.

Seth cleaning the outside.

After his shower, Daddy helped too! :)

Mama and Daddy getting ready to go.

My beautiful sister! :)

Daddy took the camera with him that night, so he could document Hannah's surprise.  Meanwhile, the rest of us ate dinner and, later, watched a Veggie Tales while eating some cookies.  Because I wasn't with Daddy, Mama, and Hannah, I'm going to let Hannah tell you the story:

"After the funeral for my Great-Aunt Julia we got back in the car and daddy told me that he and mama were taking me to look for a Hope Chest (a.k.a. cedar chest).  For those of you who don't know what a hope chest is please allow me to inform you; a hope chest is a decorated cedar chest that young ladies used to begin to store things for their future home or things that have special memories (first baby picture, first child, notes from children, husbands notes/love letters, etc.).  While looking for stores to stop in at we happened to see a Tack shop, and of course had to stop in and see what they had!

Looking around.

A glass horse figurine.

Me in a cow-girl hat...

Mama and I looking at a book that had 101 reasons why to get a horse, pretty funny!

After visiting a couple of stores (and having no success in finding a hope chest), we headed to the restaurant daddy had made reservations for...Ruth's Chris.  For those who haven't been there, it's a beautifully decorated historic mansion that has a wonderful fine-dining restaurant in the bottom level.  The food is DELICIOUS and you get a lot!  Now I have to tell you a little secret, I knew beforehand where we were going as daddy accidentally left a tab up that morning that had Ruth's Chris website (and I remembered people saying that it was a very fancy dining experience).  I enjoyed a little bit of small talk with my two wonderful parents, it was so weird having them all to myself...

The Restaurant!

Where our fine dining awaited us!! :-)

A lovely chandelier inside.

Daddy took this picture of the butter just for Kimber.

My beautiful mama! comment...

Daddy is really personable and got to know our 3-4 waiters pretty good.  He told them it was my birthday and they brought out a delicious dessert.  It was chocolate mousse encased in a hard shell of chocolate, topped with home made cool whip and a candle (with drizzled Carmel on the plate).  It was absolutely wonderful!!!

Well, we soon left Ruth's Chris and looked around at a couple more places for a hope/cedar chest but didn't find any.  We then went to Friendly's and got ice-cream.  While we were eating daddy read the first chapter in Preparing to be His Helpmeet.  I loved it!

Many thanks to my loving parents.  The Lord has blessed me with loving guiding parents who try the best they can to please, honor, and praise Jesus with their own personal lives and with the family He's given them!  I could not ask for better!!!  I love you guys!!!!!"

Kimber and Hannah


  1. Happy Birthday 3!!! Glad you had fun! Kimber! Why didn't you save some for me?! I've never had them before :( Well, at least you told me about them... :D


  2. Has anyone got the What is it right yet??


  3. Happy Birthday, Hannah! What a special birthday for a special girl. Thanks for sharing with us! I was looking at Craigslist and saw this ad for a cedar chest
    I still have my hope chest, which was my grandmother's.