Friday, January 15, 2010

Nash Family Pictures

And then shall he depart from thee, both he and his children with him, and shall return unto his own family, and unto the possession of his fathers shall he return.
Leviticus 25:41

Last year in November (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) we went and took family pictures at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, VA.  I had not posted the pictures yet since they were supposed to be a surprise for Na-naw and Paw-paw (my grandparents) at Christmas.  But now that Christmas is over I can share them with you!

Also - it may get a little confusing with all these people.  So, just keep in mind that all of these people are either my aunts, uncles, or cousins!

Left to right:  Sarah, Uncle Mike, Rachel, Aunt Stacey, and Kaitlyn

Aunt Stacey is the first child of Na-naw and Paw-paw.

Our family left to right:  Mama, Lydia, Eden, Kimber, Seth, Hannah, Caleb, Alexis, Daddy, and Josiah

Mama is the 2nd child.

Left to Right: Erika, Aunt Steph, Gracie, Claire, Uncle Matt, Allie

Aunt Steph is a twin with Aunt T.C. (I didn't get a picture of Aunt T.C.'s family)

Uncle Sean and his fiance, Amanda.  As you can tell they're a lot of fun!
Uncle Sean is the 5th child.

Oh, and they're getting married in November!

And soon-to-be Aunt Amanda's GORGEOUS ring!

Left to right: Aunt Megan, Justus, Cadence, Uncle Kevin

Aunt Megan is 6th.  We re-did their pictures later because of the sun spots.

All the sibilings and they're spouses (or soon-to-be spouses).  Sorry about the shadow! :-)

All the girl grandchildren.

All 19 of the grandchildren (although two more are expected later this year) ;)

All the boy grandchildren.
There seems to be a slight imbalance between girls and boys! ;-)

A whole family picture.

It was FREEZING when we did these pictures, so we rushed to take the pictures then ran back to the cars to get warm!  It was a fun memory though!

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber and Hannah

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  1. Hello Hannah and Kimber!

    Your dad helped us process chickens at our farm (Avery's Branch) this past week and told me about your blog. I've enjoyed browsing through some of your recent entries. Your photography is very beautiful!