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Disney World: Thursday, November 5th

"A time to weep, And a time to laugh; A time to mourn, And a time to dance;"
Ecclesiastes 3:4

Thursday morning Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Greg and his family with Caleb and Seth went to Disney World's MGM Studios early.  I woke up just when they left, so I couldn't go.  We had breakfast and then I made the mix up for the coffee ice cream the Whitsons made (Thanks!) to eat that night.  Daddy and the rest of the older children went to Disney World after breakfast and Mama and I with the little ones went after the coffee mixture could be put in the fridge.

To make a long story short, Mama and I with the little ones (Eden, Josiah, and Lydia) couldn't get into the Beauty & The Beast show even though everyone else had saved us seats.  So while everyone else was in the inside of the theatre we had to go walk around and wait the 30 minutes for them to get out.  We went and got Fastpasses for the Rock 'n Roller Coaster and looked at some different shops, pressed pennies, etc. while the sun beat down on us.  Daddy and the rest of my siblings met up with us and then we headed for the Indiana Jones Stunt Show.  But I'm getting ahead of are some pictures of the Beauty and Beast show that Daddy took.

The stage

Some of the family


The "beast" and Beauty.

Okay, so after that was over, we went to the Stunt show.  (Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Greg and his family had split up and went their own way)  We had about a 10-20  minute wait but it was worth the wait!  Daddy bought us little Chip 'n Dale pretzels and some Cokes to drink while we waited.

Some of the acrobats.

The show began with Indiana Jones (not the real person) making his way through spears that shot up spontaneously, stone people trying to fall on top of him and finally a huge ball rolling down the mountain after him.  That was just the beginning!  They had people come and explain how the stunts worked and then they would go demonstrate for us.  They had explosives, people falling off 3-4 story buildings, fire, etc. all as if it were an actual movie with video cameras and everything!  The show was very neat!

We then went to a few different rides such as the Star Wars, Muppets 3-D Vision show, and more!

Seth on one of those airplanes(Land Speeder) they have in the Star Wars Series.

Before we stopped in a snack-lunch place I took Lexi, Caleb, Seth, Eden, and Josiah in the "It's An Ant's Life" fun area.  They had "spider webs" for you to climb...

...slides to slide on

...and more slides!

It just had a bunch of fun things for the little ones to relax and play on.  Tunnels, caves, shooting water, etc.  While we were playing in there I saw a little girl who was crying profusely and I found out that she was lost, but thankfully her Mama was just around the corner (We were so grateful to the Lord that none of us were seriously lost at any time!)

When I took everyone out of the play area Lexi and Seth stopped to press some pennies and somehow they didn't know where we were eating lunch (we were in the restuarant right across from them) so when they were done, they thought they were lost and got help.  But they found us and so we then sat down to eat lunch that consisted of chicken salad wraps, salads, macaroni and cheese, applesauce, rice, and of course, desserts!  (They had some really great cheescake!)

Josiah at lunch.

No, he wasn't having that bad of a day...he'd just got to the point that he choose not to pose for any more pictures! :)

Lydia trying on an alien hat.

As you can see from the picture we had "redskin day" though we aren't "for" any sports team in particular.  But Grandma had bought us all these nice looking Redskin shirts so we would all match again on another day. We got several comments throughout the 2 days we wore them...some were proud that we were wearing them when the Redskins are doing so bad and others were joking about their performance, etc.  :)

After a really yummy lunch we went to the Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show.

It was very similar to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show except that there were less "people stunts" and mostly cars stunts.

A guy on top of a building.

A car "jumping"

"Man on fire!  Man on fire!" (center of the picture beneath the "CAFE")

(They did put him out in and he did survive, in case you were wondering)

The firework display at the end of the show.
(You could feel the heat from that cloud of fire as it folded upwards and then dissipated and I was glad that we weren't any closer than we were)

All of the show was extremely fascinating from the cars driving backwards over jumps, turning, twisting, flames, etc.

Lydia after the show.

The 2nd to last attraction we went on was the Behind the Scenes Backlot Tour on how they make movies in Disney.   They were having a little bit of trouble so it was pretty dark out when we toured the outside parts of the attraction but it was still good!

Eden, Lexi, and Lydia on the tour.

The Little Mermaid show was our last show of the night.

It had some scary parts with Ursula coming out on stage and everything, so the little ones didn't enjoy that too much.

To make another long story short, we ended up going home after the Mermaid show even though we had time left.  Everyone was worn out, we hadn't seen our other family members all day except for a glimpse here and there, Eden scraped her knee, Josiah's legs were tired, Lydia needed to go to bed, etc.  Daddy was going to take whoever wanted to stay on some more rides but most of us just ended up tuckered and saying "Let's just go home."  So that's what we did!   We went home and watched Finding Nemo while drinking our coffee ice cream.  Caleb and Seth went over to Grandma and Grandpa's cabin with Stephen for their boys sleepover and to watch Star Wars together.


All for Jesus,
Kimber :)

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