Thursday, November 26, 2009

Disney World: Saturday and Sunday, November 7 and 8

"Then He left them and went out of the city to Bethany, and He lodged there."
Matthew 21:17

Saturday morning we all were up early and packing.  We ate a small breakfast and then packed the cars.  Once everything was cleaned up, put away, and packed we piled into our cars and drove to the Outpost where we decided to take a bus to Downtown Disney.  (I almost forgot the camera but Uncle Greg saw it and got it for me!)

Before we left, I took this picture of the trees that surrounded the cabins.

It looked as if they had drained a swampland and decided to put the cabins there! :)

Some flowers by the outpost.

We parked and waited for the bus... took forever to arrive and when it did we were already making our way back to the cars (we decided to just drive there).

We were going to Downtown Disney to go to The Earl of Sanwich restuarant where we were going to try and use up our 40+ lunches.  (That means that we had enough meals left on our cards for 40 people to have a sanwhich, side/dessert, and a drink!)  We had to be in the train station by 12 PM to make sure we all got seats together so we were in a big hurry.  We were buying sandwhiches left and right, Grandma was buying meals for people in line behind us, we were picking out desserts, trying to remember to get silverware and napkins, etc.  It was hectic! :) 

So, to make a long, tiring story short - we still had around 20 lunches left when Grandma just decided that we couldn't spend any time longer there and so we left.  All of us were really hungry so we decided to eat the sandwhiches in the car, though we saved the desserts for the train station!  (On a side note:  the Earl of Sandwich Pizza Sandwhich is really good!)

We had a little bit of a problem making sure everyone had the sandwhich they wanted when there were over 4 bags with different food in 2 different cars.  Then, to make things worse, we went past the exit and so we ended up driving a whole lot longer than was planned!  (Thankfully, Uncle Greg had a GPS)

But we arrived safe and sound in the train station much better prepared for an overnight stay on the train (for example, I brought jammies! :)

It was another 2 hour wait in the train station but we enjoyed some of the delicious desserts (they had cupcakes bigger than your clenched fist! :-D) and walked around until we could board.

We were out on the sidewalk waiting for the doors to be opened this time (last time we were just waiting until they called you to board).  Thankfully it wasn't too hot outside! :) 

We made it on our train car first because we were a big party of 17!  (Another advantage of big families! :)  We got settled and went and got the same snacks they had on our trip down.  (One thing I didn't like on this train was that the foot rests didn't go all the way must've been an older train - or maybe I'm just picky :))

Dinner was at 5 so we held out and didn't eat too much of our abundance of desserts and bottled waters (the sandwhiches were gone).

Dinner was good like always.  They had nice staff on this train too but they weren't quite as friendly or funny as the first train.

There isn't much to tell you about our train ride back home Saturday since it was very similar to the previous one.  We did watch Fireproof (7 of us were huddled around a laptop trying to hear) and Hannah, Alexis, Diana, Daddy, and I watched The Soloist, that they were playing in the lounge room, after that.  (I didn't really like the wasn't very exciting)

This was the sunrise Sunday morning.

I had completely forgot that it was Sunday in the rush of things!  We did all those things you do in the morning and then prepared to leave the train.

Once again we were in the train station earlier than planned so after our cars were called we all parted after many hugs and kisses. 

I loved being back in Virginia. There is nothing like your own home state!

We were really hoping to get to church on time since we were really missing hearing from the Word.  We all were praying hard that we could  make it and we made it with time to spare!  The sermon was, I think, good (when is it not?) but I was having a hard enough time trying to keep myself awake that I really didn't hear anything! :-/ 

We left for home soon after church ended because we were all tired and worn out. 
(The crisp Virginia air was quite refreshing after a week of Florida fall weather)


Thus ended our wonderful family trip to Disney World!  We are so grateful to Grandma (and Grandpa!) for the expense they went through so we could go.  It'll be a memory we'll never forget!  All the food was excellent, the rides were fun (most of them!), and the times together as a family were wonderful!

All for Jesus,
Kimber :)

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