Monday, October 12, 2009

A Busy Month Ahead of Us!

"For he will not dwell unduly on the days of his life, because God keeps him busy with the joy of his heart."
Eccleasiastes 5:20

Well, true to the verse, we're quite busy this month in the joy of our heart!  I'll give you the schedule in a moment but here are 3 pictures real quick...

This is a bouquet that Alexis put together for the dinner table. 

She always does great at arranging flowers and such!

Eden and Josiah showing you how big some of our Kale leaves are! 

A garden report is WAY overdue but I currently don't have time for one except for a few little facts.  Daddy tilled all of our buckwheat under for the winter because we found out that the voles were making tunnels in it and we want the voles GONE, so we tilled that up (it is re-growing).
 We have been blessed exceedingly above anything we could ask or think of with hot peppers!  We've made vinegars and stuff with them but we still have lots coming - especially the Habaneros (the hottest pepper I think).  Let us know if any of you reading this like hot peppers...we're about done with them and ready to pull them up! 

We've been doing lots of other things too but I said this would be a quick post so I'll have to pass by that information! ;)

All the Wassenberg girls.

Truthfully, I like the picture so that's why it's up here! :)  When this picture was taken, it was just such a beautiful day that we couldn't not take pictures!  So we then decided to take individual family pictures to update our blog header (I have no idea when I - or Lexi - will get to that)!  Oh - and the picture was taken by the tripod Seth found (the tripod was an answer to an unprayed prayer, if you know what I mean!)!

Okay, back to the subject I first started on!

Currently we're processing our Bread Beckers orders which is really fun to do (Mama's letting me do all of it this time since she needs to be worrying about packing :)!

On Thursday of this week we're leaving for the Whitsons!!!!!  Yeah!!  We'll be staying Thursday thru Sunday (the 15th thru the 18th) and driving back after lunch or something.  Thursday night we're going to a dinner where the Whitsons and their cousins are playing some music.  Friday (weather permitting) we're going to Crabtree Falls (hiking) and Saturday will be a stay-at-home day.  Sunday we'll be going to their church with them and leaving sometime (the later the better!!).

Next Friday (the 23rd) we'll be watching my youngest cousin, Rachel, as the rest of her family goes to Busch Gardens with some other family members.

Next Saturday (the 24th) we'll be preparing for the Nash Luncheon that will be on Sunday.

Sunday (the 25th), of course, is the Nash Luncheon.

All that next week (the 25th thru the 30th) we'll be packing and preparing for our trip to Disney World that will be from October 31st thru November 8th (approximately).  And that is counting the driving if you were wondering! :)

Of course, we'll be at Disney at the last date mentioned and then we have some friends of ours, the Mercers, coming on the 14th and 15th of November!

How exciting does all of that sound! :) 

Well, that was my report.  I probably won't be posting until after we get back from the Whitsons!  (It's only 3 MORE DAYS!)

All for Jesus,
Kimber :)

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  1. Beautiful picture of the girls! Very nice. Mrs. Lockwood