Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lekki-Zittle Wedding

November 1, 2008 shone bright and sunny upon Virginia Beach, VA - a perfect day for a wedding! All of us were dressed in our Sunday best for the witnessing of "2 becoming 1!"
To give you a little background, the 2 people to be married were Miss Kati Zittle and Mr. Matt Lekki.   The Lord works together for the good of those who love Him! 
(Oh, and some of the pictures aren't in order though I tried to get them to be!)

The Pastor reading a Scripture.

All the "older" girls - Hannah, Alexis, Kimber and Eden.


Seth and Caleb

--out of order--
Mr. Zittle and soon-to-be Mrs. Lekki but currently Miss Kati Zittle.

---out of order---
2 of the 4 flower girls.
Mrs. Lekki (a.k.a Miss Kati) had 8 brothers and sisters and they all were in the wedding! Those were 2 of her sisters.

--out of order--
Trevor, the ring-bearer and Isabella, the flower girl (one of them).

--out of order--
One of the Bridesmaids.
Their dresses were so pretty and very modest! In fact they were all hand-made by one of the Zittles' friends.

--If you read the story of Mr. Lekki and Miss Zittle's courtship relationship than this picture will make sense--

Their VERY FIRST kiss! : -)

The wedding cake...
...also was made by a friend.

Lydia chewing on daddy's tie.
(The reception was outside)

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lekki cutting the cake!

Getting ready to throw the bouquet.

A bridemaids' bouquet by a candle.

Talking with a friend (the Lekki's).

Eating their first bite of cake!

Mr. and Mrs. Lekki leaving the church for their honeymoon at the Poconos!
(The Poconos was where mommy and daddy spent their honeymoon also!)

---out of order---
Mr. Lekki taking the "wrapping" off his car.
He wasn't very excited about the wrapped car but did the best he could to smile!

---out of order---
Walking through the hedge of bubbles to get to the car.

Trevor and a friend "catching" bubbles!
Praying for the '08 election,

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