Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sundaes, Lydia & Bowling

(Verse a few lines down)

Saturday night, after eating Chick-fil-a, daddy, Hannah, Alexis, Caleb, Seth and I (Kimber) headed over to church for "Sundaes on Saturday." We had lots of ice cream (wonderful stuff by the way!) and had lots of fellowship. I stayed and talked with Ms. Lee a lot - she's so funny and fun to be around! :) We listened to her wonderful stories, laughed, ate and more! It was such a good time of fellowship!

Here is Daddy conversing with someone (I'm security conscious :) - not going to say who!)

Caleb watching a chess game going on. (Caleb's in the sky blue t-shirt)

This is the moon on the way home! It was so pretty and vibrant! Lexi took this picture because Hannah and I had our noses in a book!


While I am going to talk about Lydia, I'm going to tell you what happened yesterday first...

Daddy took Caleb and Seth to work with him yesterday. They spent the night at our grandparents house and continued working today. Hannah, Alexis and I made salsa (Lexi using her full gear - goggles, clothespin for nose and plastic gloves - while cutting up hot peppers) while mommy worked in the gardens. Eden and Josiah went outside also. After naps and Lydia's afternoon nursing we all went to Wal-Mart in our little Avalon our grandma gave us. After getting some things for the beach we went to our other grandparents house (Paw-paw and Na-naw Nash) and ate dinner that we brought along with us. Lydia tried a walker for the first time and loved it! She even figured out how to bang Lego's on her tray making a loud noise! :) Hannah, Alexis and I spent the night at Na-new house so mommy was all alone at home. :( She's still alive even after staying up 'til 12:30 and sleeping in Eden and Josiah's room on a rock hard bed!

I'll continue the story in a minute but here are some pictures of Lydia that I got while I was packing up to go over to their (grandparents) house...

Oh..I almost forgot. Today Lydia is 5 months! She has 2 bottom teeth already!

Not the best picture to start out with. (I didn't plan it!) Lydia loved touching the camera with her eyes and mouth WIDE open in wonder!

She rolled all over my bed and eventually found herself falling into the crack between my bed and Hannah's. She still smiled though!

Don't know what she's doing here!

Yawn. Sleepy Lydia!

Lydia loves scratching her head and ear. I think when she's irritated or tired she does it. Here she is scratching her head.

Smile :)

Grabbing her feet. Her favorite thing! Doesn't she look so sweet?!

"...He rolled a big stone..."

Matthew 27:60

(Just a note: The 'big stone' is the bowling ball...:)

Now, back to the story. After mommy left we watched T.V and a movie. We all slept wonderful, Alexis and I sleeping past the normal time we wake up with no problem but Hannah woke up at 7:30 because (she says) of an internal body clock. We then watched The Waltons and had a bowl of cereal before leaving for the bowling alley with Na-naw (my grandma). She had some coupons so she took us. Lexi has never been to a bowling alley before but Hannah and I had once or twice. We still had little experience and didn't know how to work the ball, where to put your fingers, what size shoe we needed etc. It was actually kind of funny - thankfully all the people there were nice and didn't laugh at our bewilderment! We eventually figured things out! Na-naw taught us how to bowl, since she's been doing it for quite a few years.

Mrs. Professional! This is Na-naw bowling. She got all 10 down 2 or 3 times! She also won both games!

Hannah bowling. She came in 3rd each game.

Me. I don't like that picture but, oh well! I got 2nd both times.

Lexi. Lexi got 4th each time. She got all the pins down once! Pretty good!

The scoreboard for the first game. L is "Lexi," K is "Kimber," H is "Hannah" and N is "Na-naw. We each knocked all the pins down once. We had lots of fun!

Then we went to Applebee's for lunch with our Aunt Megan and cousins Cadence and Justus. I got a quesadilla burger, Hannah chicken fingers and Alexis a HUGE grilled cheese (those are her own words!). We stopped at the Kohl's next door and got something for our cousin Gracie's birthday and then we looked at Flooring and Rugs at Carpet America a few miles away. Once getting home we had a quick dinner. We were planning to have daddy's birthday dinner tonight since his birthday is tomorrow and we don't want to miss church but since the boys worked hard the last 2 days they went to Splash Down (the water park Hannah and I went to) and enjoyed some time with each other. I don't know if any of our cousins went or not.

Willingly Jesus',

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