Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eggs and Clotheslines

"For she leaves her eggs on the ground..."
Job 39:14
Well, the eggs and clotheslines are coming up - I just wanted to share a picture of Lydia sleeping on me.

Such a sweet little girl - as you can tell. Just a few seconds ago I was trying to rock her to sleep but she just kept up her high-pitched cooing and rubbing the snowman pillow beside us! :)

Here's our beautiful eggs - after they were cleaned! The boys do such a good job on the eggs! There's lots of different sizes in that egg carton!

This picture was taken this morning. We had lots of clothes to hang up - obviously - because we used a whole 75 ft. clothesline! We're trying to finish up laundry by Friday since we're leaving for the beach Saturday morning.

Another view to give you a good idea of just how long the clothesline is. (Oh, yes - daddy designed the clothesline! It works great!)

Outside today we did lots of things. Mommy likes to have the house clean before we go on vacation so that when she gets back it looks nice. I pulled weeds, Hannah, Alexis and Caleb cut down and stacked the dying sunflowers surrounding our house and did other assorted jobs, Seth, Eden and Josiah were used when needed! It was hot and everyone took a shower as soon as they went inside!

Daddy's birthday was yesterday but I'm going to post the pictures later because we haven't ate his cake yet because his birthday is on a Wednesday this year and we went to church instead. We're eating his cake tonight with the Vaughans who are coming over for dinner and a tour of the property. They're going to be taking cake of our animals while we're gone!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Wow, what cute picture of you and Lidia. How sweet! I had fun getting to hang out with you guys. Mr. Collins has already eaten all the salsa so I think I need to make some! We canned tomatoes with Ms. Crisp last night. Check out her blog about it. Can you send me the recipe for the salsa? I need to know how to can it too!