Friday, August 8, 2008

Destination: Arlington National Cemetery

"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends."

John 15:13

Tuesday morning we left for Washington D.C. with everyone except daddy who went to work. We got on the Metro (posting later about our trip on the Metro) and went up to Arlington National Cemetery.

Here are a few pictures below of the tombstones.

This isn't a tombstone obviously. The stone structure I think is what they drive through when they're burying people, which they do all day (see bottom). Up on the hill is Robert E. Lee's house.

While we were walking on the above sidewalk grandpa spotted a guy our age or above. Now if you don't know my grandpa, he's very funny. Well, he's been talking about how he's gonna' come to our house and be on patrol now since we're getting older. On patrol for guys that is. (Grandpa won't be able to do anything to prevent me from marrying the man Jesus has for me though :)!) So, all during that day he was giving us warning if there was a guy ahead. Back to the story: as we were walking there was "someone" on the sidewalk. He goes "watch out," as we pass the "someone", as quietly as he can. Then he turns and looks at the guy and goes "Arr, arr" with a face like a bulldog, it was really funny! :) I think the guy was a little frightened! :)

Another time he goes "Green shirt ahead, 100 yards, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP," as if he was an alarm. The "Green shirt" was another guy. (There were lots more stories like that...)

I'll tell you now that we aren't interested in any of them - only the one Jesus wants us to have. We're too young anyways! :)

Reading a plaque honoring some corps, serviceman or something.

The eternal flame on John F. Kennedy's grave site. (see below website)

Tombstones, how thought-provoking. Those men died for us - for me! Some in the past...some just yesterday.

These were some quotes from John F. Kennedy engraved in stone that circled the back of Kennedy's grave.

John F. Kennedy's brother's grave - if I remember correctly.

A Reiter gravestone. Reiter is my grandma's maiden name.

Anderson tombstone. Anderson is my Na-naw's maiden name.

View from the top of a hill. We probably walked at least close to 2 miles that day - uphill and then down. Hard trek nonetheless.

Fresh graves. Just in the last week probably. Those men died for, unworthy me... *tear* literally. They definitely laid down their life for mine - "No greater love..."

Going up steps that lead to the Unknown Soldier Tombstone and Guard. (see below website)

An elaborate doorway engraved with pillars. In fact pillars lined the way.

Steps. Look at the engraved stone - isn't it so pretty and detailed?

I have no idea what this is. Maybe a place where people go for the funeral services or just an auditorium.

A great chair at the front of the auditorium place. Left to right: Amanda, Hannah, Me (Kimber) and Diana.


The guards feet.

The guard. I think that's a bayonet, if I'm not mistaken, that he's holding.

A far-off view of the memorial, guard and landscape behind the memorial.

On patrol. A wreath was laid on the stone honoring those who have died for us. How solemn everyone was as the guard walked along the mat. I hardly heard a single noise. How reverent everyone was - not like I was used to at all.

If you want to know more about Arlington National Cemetery and the Unknown Soldier Memorial/Tombstone please go to Please read all about it - it gives such wonderful information that every American should know.

My grandparents, Steve and Dorothy Wassenberg, can be buried there because Grandpa was in the Navy.

Thankful for those who gave their lives,


Oh, one more thing I have the whole 10 minutes 40 seconds of the "Changing of the Guard" if you would like to see it. Let me know in the comments section if so. Thanks! I love watching the videos.

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