Saturday, August 2, 2008

At the Potomac River

"There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God,The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High."
Psalm 46:4
This morning we went to Westmoreland Berry Farm (again....) and picked up some more blueberries and peaches along with raspberries. The raspberries were wonderful and they hardly made it home. Anyways, back to the story. We had been planning to go to Naylors Beach but it started raining and THEN we went to WBF and it stopped raining. We asked a young lady there about beaches/rivers nearby that were nice and she said this spot on the Potomac River. You didn't have to pay anything (except for parking) which was nice because daddy and mommy were expecting to pay $4.00 per person to get into Naylors' which is normally crowded. We brought a picnic lunch (no picture uploaded) and played in the beautiful water! It was wonderful! At Naylors (personal experience - we used to go there for HEFC baptisms) the water was always murky (makes you a little nervous) and they had logs/sticks sticking up in the water sometimes unseen to the eye. I scratched my feet often on those sharp, vertical, rotting logs. I will admit they didn't have rocks but still.... Anyways we were glad for the beautiful water and beach and day. The rain was probably just a way to get us to go to the Potomac River instead of Naylors!
I was going to upload pictures of the river and us eating lunch and Lydia but it wasn't working so these will have to do!
Eden and Josiah - being silly as usual!

Coming in from a swim. I loved being out in the "deep part" (5 feet) and just letting the water move me. It was so relaxing! Josiah loved being out deep when he could experience being a "dolphin" and Eden was really frantic and scared we were going to drown her (definition for: Frantic...clutching at a persons fingers until they feel like they're going to fall off, screaming loudly when nothing's wrong, holding head stiffly above water and doggy paddling like she's losing her life!) There were a few rocks on the bottom but not many. Most of the bottom was sandy and almost slimy as you went further out. I do have a couple scrapes on the bottom of my feet (ouch!) and most everyone has sunburn somewhere but we had a wonderful day!

An eel fish - held by Alexis with daddy looking on.

Carrying the picnic blankets with Josiah trailing behind. Beautiful breathtaking site! Working on my vocabulary you see ;)

Josiah and his favorite dump truck.

On the surf board (what do you call that thing??). BIG SMILES! :-)

Making sand castles - rather rock castles - and talking.

Seth in the sand.

Edee-Weedee relaxing in the cool, sometimes warm, water. Isn't the water so pretty?!

Josiah. He first didn't like the water but then was in it 24/7 once he got used to it. He said he was a baby dolphin that Hannah was the "big dolphin," I was the "little dolphin!" Hmmm. I finally convinced him to switch his thinking to me being a "big dolphin!" He is so cute!

Relaxing - that is daddy up there on the rock(s). Lydia is in the porta-crib behind the bench sleeping. It was a wonderful day to go to the river -with a cool,light breeze. We had to climb up and down that steep (it doesn't look that steep but try going up it barefoot) wall of rock(s). NOT FUN!

Lexi attempting to do a handstand. Who thinks that maybe that didn't work.....

Mother and daughter conversing with Eden making an interesting face! I have no idea what she's doing!

Josiah's helping Caleb out - well, really Caleb supposedly took JOSIAH'S boogy board (I remembered the name!) and Josiah is trying to heave it out from underneath Caleb! :)

Adonai's daughter,
Kimber :)

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  1. Hi guys! This is Stephanie (Mrs. Beninghove) from church. I LOVE your site! I am in tears over the eggplant pizza. ;)

    Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your world through your blog. I am terrible at keeping things up, but am trying to do better. Now that school has started, maybe I'll have some better fodder for the fingers. ;)

    Love you guys--
    Steph and family