Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tea Party!

"And as He spoke, a certain Pharisee asked Him to dine with him. So He went in and sat down to eat."
Luke 11:37
Tuesday our cousins, Erika, Allie, Claire and Gracie came over with our grandma (Na-naw). Erika & Allie slept in the "Girls" room. We stayed up until 11:00 PM and then still woke up on time at 7:15-30. After breakfast and ch0res we headed outside. Erika and I scooped leaves into wheelbarrows and went to the side greenbean garden and dumped them. Hannah, Allie and Alexis spread them beneath the greenbean plants and in the rows. Then we switched. Mommy then gave us free time and we went in played in the water until 1:00. We sprayed each other on the see-saws, swam in the horse trough, scrubbed the trampoline with soap and water and had lots of fun! In the afternoon after showering and getting pretty we had a tea party!
Lady Bethany - aka Hannah.

Lady Elizabeth - aka Erika.

Lady Jane - aka Allie

and I was Miss Victoria - no picture because I'm the camera lady! I did get a picture of all 5 of us girls but it was too dark so I didn't post it.

Lady Rose - aka Alexis.

This is Erika finishing making thin mint cookies. We (Erika and I) made the dough Tuesday and cooked/dipped in chocolate yesterday! They were good - almost as good as the Girl Scout cookies (which they were meant to taste like).

The table. I think the boys, with some help from Lexi, set it up.

Our wonderful Butlers, Sir Caleb and Sir Seth. They were superb servers!

When we needed the butlers for food, napkin or anything we would ring the bell and they would come - it was lots of fun!

Adonai's daughter,

P.S - I forgot to tell you that I probably broke my toe yesterday. I was going up to take a shower and jammed my foot really hard on the wall and now it's all purple on the sides and stuff. (That's why I was limping at church last night...) Daddy also got 4 stitches in his head for running into a 6ft. tall deck and splitting his forehead open. So, we're all pretty bruised up! :)

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