Friday, November 23, 2012

Josiah's Birthday

Josiah turned 7 last week!  To be more precise, he turned 7 on Election Day.  We had his birthday dinner the Saturday before.

Partners in crime. :)

I think Hannah was feeling spunky. :)  [There's a little view of our *mostly* completed kitchen, for those of you asking.  I may get a better one up soon.  We'll see. :)]

The dinner table.

Josiah chose chicken 'n wine sauce, rice, green beans, and rolls for his birthday meal.  It was delicious as always!

 The big birthday boy!

Does anyone else see a slight resemblance between Judah and Daddy?

I don't know how I missed this, but I forgot to take a picture of the food.  Oops. :)

 Presents came after dinner.


Josiah was very expressive while opening his gifts!
 A hug for Lydia, thanking her for the play gun she bought for him.

When I saw Josiah open this blanket from Mama and Daddy, I immediately told him I was going to steal it.  I love it!!  Mama then told me that she had thought about giving it to me for my birthday, but she gave it to Josiah instead.  Since then I've attempted to "borrow" it every now and then.  :)

Let's just say he was very excited to get Kung Fu Panda 2. :)

Grandpa and Grandma gave Josiah a pogo stick which became the new favorite toy in the house!

 Time for cake!!
Josiah definitely won the award for most variety for his ice cream cake.  
On one side we had party cake ice cream, golden Oreos, cookie dough ice cream, and then a sprinkling of more golden Oreos.  
The other side had mint chocolate chip ice cream, Oreos, plain vanilla ice cream, and then was topped with Andes mints.

The side I had was very good and everyone else said the other side was just as good as well. 

We watched half of Kung Fu Panda 2 and then sang Happy Birthday to Josiah.  After he blew out the candles, we dug into the delicious ice cream cake!


We had Josiah's birthday breakfast on his actual birthday.

We "woke" him up with our usual birthday serenade and then headed downstairs for breakfast.

Josiah picked Egg McMuffins, hashbrowns, and pop tarts for his birthday breakfast. 

The Egg McMuffin was a little bit of a challenge for Josiah to conquer.  :)

Delicious pop tarts...need I say anything else?

After breakfast, we hurried and cleaned up the house.  Then we hopped in the van and took off for the mountains...that post will be coming when I get the time!

Happy (late) birthday, Buddy!  We love you very, very much!
Kimber :)

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  1. Looks like a fun birthday! Happy late birthday! :) I loved when you said, "partners in crime". Sounds just like my siblings! ;) Y'all's blog really is awesome!