Monday, October 29, 2012

Today's Surprise

Daddy, Seth, and I went over to our barn this morning to check on Halle (our cow).  Guess what little surprise greeted us?
Halle had her baby!

Seth was the first to see the calf.  She (yes, it is a she...big answer to prayer!!!!) was laying in the corner.  She got up pretty soon and started wobbling around.  It was obvious (for different reasons) that Halle had the baby pretty recently.  We were a little nervous about Halle delivering the baby, but, obviously, she did fine! :)

The proud Mama and her baby.

Halle was mooing at us like crazy.   The calf would come over to us and let us pet her.  Such a little sweetie already!

I think we've decided to call the baby Sandy.  This is due to her sand-colored coat and because she was born during Hurricane Sandy!

She is such a precious little calf.  Almost everyone has braved the wind and rain from the hurricane, to go see her. :)  Daddy's getting some straw to make the bedding real dry and hopefully the baby will figure out how to drink the milk.  We've squirted some colostrum in her mouth, but she's having a hard time getting the milk herself.  We'll see!  Life's always an adventure here!

Kimber :)

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