Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daddy's Birthday Night

 3 weeks ago we celebrated Daddy's birthday!

We had a special dinner of Dad's favorite:  chicken and wine sauce (no, we don't really use wine ;).  Rice, greenbeans, and home made bread completed the meal.

 Daddy reading some cards the little ones gave him.

After dinner Daddy opened his presents:

 Daddy got some candy, a belt, Created to Need a Help Meet, and other assorted gifts.
Mom wrapped these newborn diapers up and gave them to Daddy.  It took Daddy a while to figure out what was in the package, and what it meant, but he finally got it!  Mama was pregnant! :)

We usually end a birthday celebration with a movie, but it was a weekday, and it was already getting late.  So, we didn't. :)  I think Daddy had a great birthday anyways!

Kimber :)

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