Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring 2012 Home School Night

There seems to have been a long string of addition posts, so, to break up the monotony, I decided to post about our recent home school night! :)  (Hopefully there will be another addition update up here next week.)

Last week, on the spur of the moment, we had our "end of the year" home school night!  Na-naw and Paw-paw were able to come over, eat dinner with us (Paw-paw arrived a little later due to traveling), and listen to everything we had to share.

The night started off wonderfully with one of our favorite meals:  Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes (whipped to creamy perfection!)!

We also had some sort of veggies and some awesome rolls but I didn't get them in the photo. :)

After dinner, we shared some of our school stuff starting with the oldest.

Hannah shared one of her WriteShop papers.
She also played one beautiful song on the piano!

I was able to get away with sharing only one thing (WriteShop) from school!  :)

 Lexi read her report on Charlotte Moon, played a lovely song on the piano, and shared some of her artwork with us.

Paw-paw and Na-naw admiring Lexi's creativity.

Lydia quietly colored while we shared our schoolwork.

 This is what Judah looks like when he's hiding something. :)


Caleb shared a paper on Orville Wright and played his guitar for us...

I just couldn't stop taking pictures of this little guy! :)

Oh, don't you want to just swing him up in your arms and give those chubby cheeks a big, fat kiss?!  His cuteness overwhelms me sometimes!!!
 Seth recited some Scripture and played a song for us on the piano.

Josiah being silly (far from abnormal).


Eden played a piano song also and showed off her Draw Write Now handiwork.
Josiah recited one of his character cards.

After Josiah was finished, Lydia said she was going to play a song on the piano.  So she went over, sat down, and started plunking any and every note (sporadically) on the piano! 

After she displayed her piano creativity, she recited one of her character cards.

Then Mama ran through all the other character cards, closing the night with Scripture (what could be better?).

After everyone had shared, we ate some delicious chocolate pie with home made whipped cream!

Thus ended our homeschool night for the 2011-2012 school year! :)
Kimber :)

P.S. - In case you were wondering, I'M GRADUATING IN 9 DAYS!!!  Okay, excitement over just thought I'd share. :)

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  1. Thanks for posting! I always love reading the homeschool night updates! Love y'all, and see you soon!
    Oh, and I'm really happy for you and Hannah graduating! And your dresses are THE MOST GORGEOUS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! Ahh! =) =) =)

    Jaime Lynn