Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Addition Walls are Up!!

Last Saturday, the addition crew got the remaining walls of our addition up!!  It was definitely hot that day (with temperatures in the 90's) but the men didn't complain!  

Part of putting the walls up involved having Mama and Daddy solidify where they wanted the doors and windows.  

Mr. Reynolds laid everything out for them:
It took lots of talking and idea-expounding before the design for the windows and doors were placed where Daddy and Mama wanted them.  :)

While Mr. Reynolds was talking to Daddy and Mama, the other men were taking out our bay window in preparation for the work this coming Saturday.

 The siding was stripped off first.

Mr. Woodson worked on the inside of the house, removing all the trim and, eventually, the window itself.  :)

Eventually all three windows and the trim had been removed.  Next, Mr. Woodson cut out the framing that was between the windows:

One down, one to go!

It was quite airy inside as they worked on removing the bay window form. :)

Once the framing between the two windows had been removed, they worked on demolishing removing the bottom part of the wall:

Finishing some wall work. :)

The last job that concerned the bay window area was simply nailing some OSB to the wall.  I was kind of disappointed we weren't going to keep the "airy" kitchen, but the thought of millions of bugs and stinging things coming in the house, made me grateful for the OSB barricade. :)

Mama and Daddy were about done talking to Mr. Reynolds by now, so the work on the longest, most intensive wall began!

I love how happy everyone was as they built the addition...the heat didn't dampen anyone's attitude! :)

The first wall of the day is almost finished!!!

When the OSB was nailed to the framing for the wall, the men took a break and ate some lunch.  We had sandwiches, veggies, strawberries and home made ice cream, and chips and dip:

I think the home made ice cream and fresh strawberries was the biggest hit of the day. :)

After lunch, the guys gathered together to hoist the wall up!
Mr. Woodson putting the wood for the braces up on the addition, so they'd be ready once the wall was up!

Mr. Reynolds giving last-minute instructions.

Ready and...


Love all the heads peeking out the "windows" and "doors"!!  And if you're wondering what they're doing...Mr. Woodson was telling them how much and in what direction the wall needed to be moved to be plumb. :)

Nailing it in!

Daddy sweeping all the dust off the floor.

Mr. David talking to Eden.

The next area of work was getting the last wall up and preparing the window in Dad and Mom's bedroom to be moved this coming Saturday:

By the way, if you were wondering, their window has to be moved because it's in the way of the roofline. :)

Lexi and her friend, Jaime, on the addition!

Mr. Reynolds. :)

It started pouring later that afternoon!  Thankfully most of the work was done, so everyone but Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Woodson went home.  The Lord has been so good in holding off the rain for us!

Sadly, I don't have a picture of the last finished wall.  Hopefully today I'll remember to take a "before and after" picture.  We put the steel beam in Thursday and today, Lord willing, the roof will be built!   Stay tuned!
Kimber :)

P.S. - Many of the pictures in this post are courtesy of Caleb, Seth, or Lexi.  Sometimes I'm too busy doing something to get pictures of everything so I give my sibs free range to pick up the camera when they want. :)

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  1. It sounds like the building project is going well, Kimber! We can relate to the camaraderie between your family and the workers. We felt the same way with the Christian workers who fixed our house after our flood. It's a real blessing to have fellow Christians working for you!