Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meet Anaiah and Lion King: Solid Rock Ranch's Newest Additions

So, we've had these "new additions" for over a month already and I'm just getting around to sharing them with you!

After we ran in the 5K on March 3rd, we drove to Eden Farms.  Lexi had been talking about wanting a rabbit for a few weeks and Mama said we could go look at some.  Lexi hopped on the opportunity (no pun intended) and found Eden Farms to go visit, with the hopes of buying something.  Seth also was going to look at getting a rabbit as a belated birthday present.

Anyways, we arrived at Eden Farms and looked around at all their bunnies.  They were all adorable!!  Soon Mama got to talking to the Mother about blueberry plants and then the daughter came out and we got to hold bunnies!

There were bunnies of every size and type!  They had Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, Mini Rex's and Mini Lops.

Eventually (after what seemed like hours :) Seth and Lexi narrowed it down to 2 bunnies.  Seth went with a Lion Head and Lexi chose a Netherland Dwarf.

Meet Lion King Poofball Wassenberg and Anaiah Natalie Wassenberg:

About a week after getting their bunnies, Lexi set up an entire styled shoot for her and Seth's little fur balls.  :)

This is Lion King Poofball Wassenberg (a.k.a. Seth's bunny) that we call "Lion" or "Lion King" for short. :)

Lion King is a Lionhead rabbit and quite a laid-back fellow.

He was blessed with the first name "Lion King" because he's a "Lionhead" rabbit and he was given the middle name "Poofball" because he was poofy (Seth thinks literal :).

Mama remarked the other day that Lion King and Anaiah are very much like their owners and it's so true!! :)

Seth's an easy-going person that just likes to sit and figure out how things work and why.  He also has a stocky (muscular :) build.

Lion King is very similar.  He loves just lounging around and taking life easy.  And he's quite the stout bunny himself. :)

This is Anaiah Natalie (a.k.a. Lexi's bunny), called Anaiah for short.

You're probably wondering where in the world Lexi got "Anaiah" from.  Well, believe it or not she looked up names for her rabbit in a baby book and settled on "Anaiah" because it started with an "A" (like her name) and meant "God has answered me" (her rabbit request was granted :).

Anaiah was graced with the middle name "Natalie" because it was pretty, meant something similar to Lexi's own middle name and would match Lexi's own initials (A.N.W.).

Just as Lion King is like Seth, Anaiah is like Lexi.  Anaiah must always be doing something or she'll find something to do. :)  She's petite and tiny and so is Lexi.

Anaiah is a Netherland Dwarf which is one of the reasons Lexi liked her...she was small. :)

And, yes, in case you were wondering, Lion King is a male and Anaiah is a female.  I think there was some talk (between Lex and Seth) about possibly breeding and selling their own little bunnies.  Mama wasn't ready for that so she was hoping they'd pick the same gender...what's done is done though. :)

So, we currently have Anaiah and Lion King in a cage outside...separated.  They can view each other through the fence but nothing else. :)

Daddy and some of the younger ones actually built the cage.  Eden Farms was selling lots of hutches but they were expensive and Daddy knows how to build.  So, he got the design he wanted from one of the guys there, bought the wire and some other things from them, and then built it himself.  It turned out quite nicely! :)

Lion's side.

Ania's side. :)

Seth and someone else have been working on the roof tiles.  I don't think they've finished yet. :)

All in all, it's been fun having bunnies around again.  (I had a bunny for a few years but it died about two years ago.)  They're quite the entertainment and it's fun to go out and pet them.  Mama is also excited about the lovely bunny fertilizer they put out for us.  That's one of the reasons she let them get some bunnies...poop to enrich the gardens (yes, I know, what a weird concept?!)!  What could be better? :)


Since we're talking about new things at our house, we're excited to announce that we will begin building the addition on April 15th (hopefully!)!!  Yay!  We're finally going to be building!!

Our wonderful cow, Halle, has been doing great as well.  She is pregnant (!) and the baby is due late October.  We've upped her grain due to her pregnancy and the vet saying she needed to be thicker.  So, because of the extra grain we're giving her, we've been getting tons of milk!!  :)  Halle's actually giving us more milk now than she ever has before.  It's great!

All in all, life here at Solid Rock Ranch is well.  Gardens are beautiful, weather is perfect, etc.

Kimber :)


  1. Cute bunnies! We are friends with Eden Farms! We have bought bunnies, chickens, and a bunch of other stuff from there in the past.

    Glad everything's going well,

  2. Awwww, the bunnies are adorable! Yes, I've already seen them in person, but the pictures are great too! =)
    I'm so excited about the addition too [as I'm sure y'all are doubly (triply?) so!] If only I could convince my parents to build a kitchen you've seen how tiny ours is! =) See y'all soon! =)

    His Princess,
    Jaime =) =) =)