Monday, January 23, 2012

Preparing for the Kitchen Addition

It seems like our upcoming kitchen addition is talked about very frequently throughout the day!  We've wanted to expand our little kitchen into a huge, multi-generational one for years but the Lord had never paved the way...until now. :)  Things are starting to align and we're starting to figure out what we want everything to be like.  Mama and Daddy have gone on a few date nights to look at cabinets, flooring, etc. in nearby stores and a few times they've taken us along!
Last week all of us, except Caleb and Judah, went to a Lowe's and browsed all their kitchen stuff:  cabinets, sinks, counters, dishwashers, and more!

Lydia playing with a sink.

Checking things out...

Mama definitely did not like whatever she was looking at here! ;)

She liked whatever she's looking at here, much better!

Lydia was a huge ball of energy and non-stop talking at Lowe's (what's new?).  So, even though I was constantly going "Lydia, where are you?"  "Don't touch that" or, "Stop messing with that" she managed to keep me smiling. :)

Seth, Lexi, and Eden looking at the sink stuff.

I've got a couple blackmail pictures on here, don't I? :)

Remember me saying that Lydia was a constant ball of energy?   In these pictures, she was pretending to "sleep".  

(I was just grateful she wasn't sitting on the display toilets anymore...)
Josiah looked at a few things but mostly ran around with any sibling willing to explore with him. :)

Daddy "borrowed" a measuring tape and showed us how big our kitchen was going to be, using the display kitchens to give us a more concrete idea.  Our kitchen is going to be huge...and so, so awesome! :)

It's kind of fun to go around and plan our "dream kitchen".  The sample kitchens Lowe's has set up are really helping solidify in our minds what we do and don't like.

The cabinets behind Hannah in the right photo ended up being one of the majority's favorite cabinet colors.
Mama walking through planning heaven. :)

We currently are 99.9% sure who is going to build the addition, so that's a step forward!  This builder, though, won't be able to start until the end of March so we're taking all the free time we have to get quotes from cabinet makers, research new appliances, decide on colors and counters, etc.  Right now (it changes pretty often) we're going to have an island with a granite countertop and then have the other counters be a solid surface.   We have 3 people we're considering to do our cabinets, and we're planning on doing the floors, painting, insulation, and more with the help of experienced friends.

Everything is really starting to fall into place and it's exciting!  My major hope is that the entire kitchen will be completely finished by the time Hannah and I graduate in June!  (Wishful thinking?  Maybe..)

We'd appreciate any prayers for us regarding decisions about the addition.
Thanks ahead of time!
Kimber :)

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