Monday, December 5, 2011

The new addition!

We had some pretty good guesses about the new Pony!!  We're not quite sure what type she is but she is really fluffy and is approx. 25 years old, and her name is..... Misty!  So far she's been a great partner to Halle and all the other animals!  We've been riding her (when the weather allows) almost every day and walking her around the field.
Here are some pictures the night we got her.

Getting out of the trailer.  We got her from a friend from church, and they no longer needed her so they gave her to us for free with the hay for the rest of the winter!

As soon as we got her out of the trailer we walked her around the field to know where her limits were.

Needless to say, Seth was a little crazy!:)

We've been blessed to have her, the Lord has answered our prayer again!  Thank you Lord!

The Wassfam

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