Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Last Trip to the State Fair

As I said on my last post, we went back to the State Fair this past Friday!

We didn't leave until sometime after Noon but we got there nonetheless!  We walked to the entrance (we were parked in the farthest place possible) and went over to the horse arenas to watch the horses and eat our lunch.  We were planning on watching the miniature horse show but there were few seats, so we went to watch some people ride horses in the arenas nearby.  (There was no show going on there, just people riding their horses in circles. :)
Seth took pictures during lunch...and this is one of my favorites from the day! :)

We were happy to get moving once lunch was over because the sun was beating down mercilessly on us.  (As I sat in the stands eating I almost wished it was cold!)  Once we started walking, a nice breeze picked up that soon refreshed us!

As we headed for the other side of the park, we stopped in a tent that had 12 ponies/horses.  We pet them for awhile and actually ended up meeting their owners!  Their owners were the "Cowgirl Chicks" who were performing at the fair!  It was really neat talking to them...we found out that they are Christians and that the Cowgirl Chick leader, Mrs. Trish Lynn, homeschooled two of her daughters at some point! :)  With a goodbye, promising to watch their show at 6:00, we went to look at the giant pumpkins!

This pumpkin was first place winner weighing in at 1019 lbs!!  Crazy!
After admiring pumpkins, we walked to the livestock tents and oohed-and-aahed over all the rabbits!

'Siah-man petting a sleepy bunny!

Seeing these pictures makes me want a bunny all over again!

Lydia trying to pet a rabbit. :)

Too cute!!!

I took a picture of this bunny because it reminded me of the bunny I had (she died a year or two ago).
We also went by the pigeons (and other birds) tent:

So many of the birds were absolutely gorgeous!! 
We went and saw the pigs and cattle also.  By this time, it was nearing 6 P.M. so we went back to the rodeo area and waited for the All-American Cowgirl Chicks show to start!

To describe the show would be hard but here are some of the words that come to my mind:  amazing, talented, skilled, beautiful, patriotic, daring, coordinated and awesome!!  
At one point in the show, a girl came in riding one horse that was next to another...she then stood on the back of both of them and rode around the ring.

Standing on two horses obviously was not enough of a challenge so the rider then went over a jump standing on their read that correctly...over a jump...standing on their backs!

It was really cool!
The team also did many other stunts that used to be a part of a lot of Western competitions...trick riding. was amazing!
(If only I had enough muscle and agility to do this! :)

I could go on and on about was so neat!
After the show finished we had to leave (Halle was calling!), so we began the trek back to our car.  The sunset was just starting to paint gorgeous colors across the sky when we reached our vehicle.

So our official, "last day" at the State Fair of VA ended. :)
Kimber :)

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