Monday, June 27, 2011

Look out!.....

There is a new driver on the road!  Yup, Kimber got her learners permit on Monday, June 6th, 2011!  She drove home from the DMV stopping once to get gas! She did well (considering we didn't hit anybody/thing ;) and is now a much better and experienced driver! :) Practice makes perfect!

This is the number they called out and also put up on a screen when it was time for Kimber to go up and take the test!
Filling out her form
Getting her last bit of study time in before she takes her test!
And then...WAH-LA! Kimber's number was called and showed up on this screen-T109- that's HER!
Doing some more information-filling.  After that she got her picture taken in front of the white board mommy is standing before.  The picture that is taken is used on your permit card if you pass!
Taking the test.
Focus, Kimber, Focus!!
In the mean time Lydia found Kimber's study book and highlighter.  She decided to draw a beautiful picture on the book- hence the "look" - "you didn't see that did you?". ;)
I think she was telling me something or else I just caught her in mid-preparation for another look....
Yup. That's the "Hee, Hee, Hee! Snort! Giggle, Giggle! Snort! " look.  She really has this laugh down pat that sounds like a high-pitched evil laugh/giggle- "He, he, he, he, he!!!"
Focusing  hard..finishing up...looking bewildered as she walked toward us.  "Hey Kimber! Did you pass!!?" I loudly whispered and mouthed across the room as she passed our "waiting" row. "What?" She asked.  I then repeated and she replied again (still looking confused) "I don't know."  Yea, sure- you don't know. Whatever. :P ;) She walked over to another area -following the instructions at the end of the test- and stayed there for awhile before returning. Mommy asked (with a slight squeak ;)- "How did you do?!"  She replied, looking up nonchalantly, "I passed." 
"You did! YEA!!!" we exclaimed.   This face is her reply of "Yeah."

So then I asked her this- "You didn't know you passed when you finished the test!? They didn't tell you!?"  "Well," she answered, "It said that I passed, but I wasn't sure what to do or if it was for sure."   "You could have told me!" :) I said.  She replied with excuses... :)
Oh joy! She passed on her very first try- whew! I hope I'm that good! :)

 Her humble look
Before leaving she had her picture taken outside the DMV office.

Sharing the news with the family back home! Not counting daddy- he was at work.

"Yeah, I passed."

"Uh-ha, yup."
~I'm just playing with you Kimber- it's SO fun- love ya to pieces! But I'm not done with my fone yet! (goodness gracious Lexi!!! You spelled fun like an alien! "Fone"- Ohhhh golly! )

Lydia "reading" Eden's book - I don't know how she was so peaceful with Kimber's driving! ;P
EEEEKKK! Her first move driving! Slllppttt!
Motherly guidance and instruction- Important key to us getting home safely! ;D
A portrait before starting off (you know, just in case it's her last ;)- JUST KIDDING! :D 

She drove around the DMV parking lot 1 or 2 times before hitting the road! Not literally of course.  ;)
Nutt'n but us an' da' big trees!
Well, plus traffic. :)

Drive'n along
Nice. Purrty. Day.
Ok. So this is out of place. Who cares! Right? It's a nice ending to the post of words and pictures from a highly devolved brain. Mine. 

All right, we made it home (hence the fact I'm here to right this), though she scared me a few..well..just about the whole time. She liked the acceleration peddle. ;)  But you don't have to be scared any more- she's a competent driver now!  She drove dad's truck and trailer (for the first time) for 2+ hours, on the highway (for the first time too- it was a big day of firsts'...I won't even start to tell you about how we almost wrecked from a humongous tractor-trailer thing-a-ma-bob...)  I think I'm done making fun of her now.  Back to me-self...Um, did I uh, spell "write" wrong at the top of this paragraph...? I sir-us-ly didn't mean to.  You be my spell check.  :)

Hope you all have a WUNDERFUL!!! WONDERFULL!! WANDERFUL!! Week!

Joyfully His,
Alexis Noel Wassenberg ♥♥♥ 
PS- ;)

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  1. Y E E H A W. Yeehaw, Congrats Kimber. It's a little scary at first, But after a few days of driving, It will feel much better. Oops, there goes another mailbox. : )