Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friday, May 27th

Last Friday we did something we haven't done in a very long time...went to the dentist! :)  Since there were so many of us who needed to get our teeth cleaned, Dad took the day off and went along with us!  The dentist we went to had only one dentist and one assistant, so we were there the entire afternoon! :)  [Hannah and I had our teeth cleaned first, so we got to take Lydia and Judah to my grandma's house (5 minutes away), put them to bed, and then watch a movie while everyone else sat in the Dentist's office. :)] 

Anyways, once everyone had their teeth cleaned, Hannah went and picked them up and came back to Na-naw's house.   

Once we were all at Na-naw's house we considered two options:  we could stay at Na-naw's house and eat pizza or we could go out to eat.  I had the privilege of making the final decision on where we went, so we went out to eat!  I would have loved to stay at Na-naw's (and eat pizza!) but we rarely go out as a family, so I couldn't let the opportunity slip. :)

We were planning on going to The Italian Kitchen, but, last minute, we went to Chili's (Mama and Daddy's date hot-spot ;).  Daddy and Mama have been to Chili's a few times and they loved it so much they wanted us to experience it for ourselves!

When we arrived at Chili's they had one table we could use, so we hurried in before our spot could be taken. :)  [Getting a table for 11 people at peak dinner time is a bit hard. ;)]

Our seat had two benches and a nice table between...perfect!

Altogether we got out of Chili's for less than $50...quite the feat for a "large family", I should think.  We ordered two of the "2 for $20" meals and shared 4 dinner meals and 2 appetizers.  The only extra thing we had to order was chips and salsa and then some mac 'n cheese for Lydia (who still couldn't eat hard stuff).

Everything was so yummy!!  I loved their chips and salsa!
When I take a photo of it, you know it's got to be great! ;)

Eating dinner! :)

Lydia peeking over Mama's arm! :)


Banana (a.k.a. Hannah).


Myself and Banana.

 Judah-man! :)

Miss Lydia showing off her "froat" (a.k.a throat).

Lydia's been doing great (after the tonsillectomy).  For the first week of recovery she would have her "rough moments" but those are now gone and she's happy as anything!  On Friday she can start eating harder foods (such as chips)!  Thank you all for your prayers! 

As we were eating dinner an older couple came over to our table.  The husband told us how much he enjoyed watching us and some other kind stuff.  Then he left, and soon came back, whispering in Daddy's ear "I covered your tab."  He hurried away quickly and then the reality set in...the gentleman had paid for our entire dinner!  It was a huge blessing, which we thanked the Lord for.  

The cost of dinner being covered, we now could do one more rare and special thing:  go get ice cream! :)

Guess where we went for ice cream?

Daddy took our orders and then we waited for the ice cream!

A photo Caleb took of some Friendly's landscaping!

The ice cream is here!!

 Yes, I know, Judah's not supposed to get ice cream.  He really enjoyed it though!
[Mom grudgingly let Hannah give him some bites...I don't think it'll happen again soon! ;)]
 Yes, she's happy...don't worry! :)


There wasn't a whole bunch of talking as we enjoyed the delicious ice cream!!


We all managed to squeeze around one table sitting in front of the restaurant!

So ended a very special day:  a visit to the dentist, a dinner out, and ice cream from Friendly's!

More posts to come soon...we've been a bit busy lately!
Kimber :)

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  1. Hey, glad to see you guys are doing so well! I wanted to ask your mom a question and I thought I had her email address saved from the Bread Becker orders but now I can't find it. Would you mind asking her to email me? moonprysm@hotmail.com Thanks!