Monday, April 18, 2011

Everyday Life: Lydia

I was wandering outside one day last week, looking for something picture-worthy.  Lydia ended up being perfect! :)  

Disclaimer: Quite a few of these pictures I took aren't posed...she did them all herself.  Honestly when I showed up with the camera, she acted a little bit tired of me taking pictures of siblings have come to just ignore me sometimes!  But, it actually works out great because I then get natural photos!  

ANYWAYS, here's Miss Lydia:

  I know this photo isn't focused correctly but she just hugged the tree and said "Tinna, take a piture of me."  (Translation:  Kimber, take a picture of me.")  And you know I couldn't resist such a request!

Picking some dandelions!

After she showed me her bouquet, Lydia headed over to the swings and pleaded that I push her.  So I did! :)

The higher I pushed her, the bigger her smile got! :)

 Fun, Fun!

And just because our yard is looking absolutely gorgeous (due to Daddy's hard work!) I must show you a picture of our lovely, green grass!!!

Okay, randomness over! :)
I bid adieu,
Kimber :)

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