Monday, April 25, 2011

Accomplishment of the Day! :)

About two weeks ago Hannah received her court summons to King William Courthouse for the "Presentation of [her] Driver's License". 

This morning at 8:00 she and Daddy left, but not before a quick photo together:

Daddy took my camera with him, so here are 3 pictures of the events that followed:
Getting ready to enter the Courthouse!

The sign says "Under God the People Rule."

We have a habit of taking pictures of landmarks that show America really is (some would say "was") a Christian nation.  Soon the ACLU (or some other group) will try and get all such evidence erased, so we take pictures as real evidence! :)

After getting a small lecture Hannah was the first teen called up and presented with her license.  The license was given to Daddy and then Hannah shook the Judge's hand.

And that was that! :)

Hannah in her car with her license!

Congrats Hannah!  Love you!
Kimber and fam :)

P.S. - Hopefully I'll post about our Resurrection Sunday happenings soon! :)

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