Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Firsts

Well two things have happened recently that haven't happened in our family before!  I'll start with the latest one:


Yesterday morning she headed off to the DMV in Tappahanock ,with her fantastic teacher Dad, to take her on-road test!  She did great!
A hug from Mama after returning home!

We're all really excited for Hannah!  She's been waiting and working to get her license for quite some time.  All the hard work has paid off!

"And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise."
Hebrews 6:15

Now for announcement #2:

Judah had his first bites of cereal last Friday!

Here are some pictures of his reactions:
Get ready...get set...it is coming to get meeeee!!!!!


Hmmm...maybe it wasn't as good as he thought. :)

Here comes another bite!
 He may not look like he enjoyed it but he actually would lean forward to the bowl in Daddy's hands, and reach out for more!

Give me more!  Give me more!

Now I have a few more things to say before I end...

#1.  Hannah started a blog for young ladies (principally those around her age or younger) to encourage daughters to Delight in Jesus.  She's written a few posts up already and her blog is really neat!  Go here to view it!

#2.  We're getting around 100 chicks this weekend!  The boys (Caleb and Seth) will be responsible for half...raising the chicks to be prolific egg producers!!  Look out in the future for the announcement of fresh eggs from the Wassenberg's farm! :)

#3.  My wonderful Uncle Kevin (and a friend Darryl) are starting a car washing/detailing business on the side.  They are willing to come to you to get your car looking nice and clean...and I can testify that Uncle Kevin is a great person, so you couldn't go wrong with contacting him and letting him clean up your car!  To reach Uncle Kevin and his friend, email them at Rimnantdetail@gmail.com  They look forward to hearing from you!

Okay, that's all (I think!).
Kimber :)

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  1. Congrats to Hannah! My sister is 18, and my brother is nearly 17, and neither has their license!!! Oh, and Judah is SOOO cute!

    In HIM Alone,

    P.S. BTW, is Judah's hair turning blond? It looks like it in the pictures... =)