Saturday, November 20, 2010

Josiah's is Out of the O.R.

Josiah just got out of the Operating Room.  I have no idea why it took around 2 hours to get his cast on...crazy.
The anesthesia hasn't worn off yet, so he's still out of it.  The Operating Doctor (or something like that) is going to come check on Josiah to make sure the anesthia wears off and everything, but he doesn't get off until 5 P.M. so it's more than likely they'll be home late.  
The other prayer request is that they won't require Josiah to spend the night again.  Overnight hospital stays are so expensive...

Hannah says the cast is past his bellybutton, so Josiah will definitely have problems moving.  He may even have to get a wheelchair and stuff.  We'll find out more later around 5 P.M. when the doctor comes to visit.

Looking forward to having my family back together again,
Kimber :)

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