Monday, August 9, 2010

Kaitlyn's 15th Birthday Party

" are to celebrate..."
Exodus 23:14 (part of)

Sunday, August 1st was my cousin, Kaitlyn's, 15th birthday!  After church that morning, Hannah, Alexis, Caleb and I went with Na-naw and Paw-paw out to eat and then to help get ready for Kaitlyn's birthday dinner! 

Everyone started arriving around 4:30ish, with Kaitlyn and her family arriving first! 

While Paw-paw cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, most of us sat outside on the deck, swung on the hammock, or, in my case, took pictures of my adorable little cousins and siblings! :)

Isn't Justus one of the cutest boys you've ever seen? :)

Lydia showing off her smile. :)

Justus' eyes are so beautiful - aren't they?

Lydia has recently not been feeling very good.  She's had a fever, runny nose, terrible cough, etc. but today she is doing much better.

The bad part is that Hannah and Caleb now have colds too.

Eden and Gracie

Paw-paw expertly seasoning the hamburgers.

Yummy! :)

Baked beans and Mae-Mae's macaroni and cheese.

After dinner, I was walking around and one of my cousins came up and said "Kimber, you've got to come outside.  Bring your camera."

So, out I went and there figured out that they were going to make a human pyramid and wanted me to take some pictures. 

The first pyramid.

Bottom row: Erika, Hannah, Kaitlyn
Middle row:  Sarah and Allie (and Collin)
Top row:  Alexis :)

Lexi wasn't content to sit still - she had to stand!
(I love Erika's face! :) bottom left)

After that pyramid crumpled we regrouped and this time I got to get in on the pyramid fun! :)

This time we made the pyramid even bigger!

On the grass:  Grace, Eden, Mason, and Cadence
Bottom row:  Myself, Sarah, Kaitlyn, Erika
Second row:  Hannah, Alexis, Allie
Third row:  Collin, Caleb
4th row:  Claire

The expressions on everyone's face is so priceless! :)
(Thanks, Uncle Kevin, for taking pictures for me!:)

Another view with Claire really on the top! :)
This pyramid didn't last long and thankfully no one was hurt in the crash!  Cousins are so much fun! :)

No one had had enough of pyramids yet so we got Uncle Kevin to join in too!

Gearing up.

And Claire didn't quite make it to the top! :)

Uncle Kevin with Cadence and Justus (his children).

Back to the party:

K.K. reading a birthday card.

After presents and cards galore, it was time for cake and ice cream!  The cake was absolutely gigantic - there was about half of it left when the night was over.

Lighting the candles.

All of the grandkids (minus Rachel) singing Happy Birthday.

Lexi showing off her candle skills. Not exactly sword swallowing.
(Thanks to Aunt Mae-Mae for taking this picture and the one above!)

Breath in deep and let your eyes feast on all that ice cream! 

Our family can do some serious damage to ice cream! ;) 


Later that night we left, only to return again the next morning.  Kaitlyn and her family stayed until Tuesday, so Monday was our day to spend time with them.  Mama, Hannah, and I went to Mama's midwife appointment that day too. 

So, I know this is a little late, but Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn!  We love you very much!


And just a random picture for those of you who like peacocks:
Our neighbors' peacocks (and guinea hens) have been visiting our house about every day.  They come right up to the windows, and are some of the prettiest things in the world! :)

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)

P.S. - Yesterday was Daddy and Mama's anniversary!  18 years together and still lookin' good! ;)


  1. Great pics! I love peacocks! Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Wassenberg!

  2. Hey guys thank you so much!! That pyramid was sooo much fun we should do it again sometime!!!! Happy anniversary uncle Scott and aunt Michelle!! Love you guys!!! Talk to ya later!!