Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Somebody at church once asked me why I smile so much. At that time I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled some more, but, after I thought about it, I know why I smile so much.
#1:  I have a wonderful Lord and Savior.  Jesus is so beautiful and wonderful, it's hard for me to not keep smiling when He walks with me everyday (some days I think I can actually feel Him!).  It's just absolutely wonderful!  Everything He created is so gorgeous and I'm blessed beyond all measure.  Blessed to live in America, blessed to be homeschooled, blessed to live in the country, blessed to be able to spend time with the God of the Universe, blessed to be in such a wonderful church, blessed to know like-minded believers, blessed to be a sister to 7 people (soon to be 8!), blessed to be a daughter, blessed to be a lady, blessed to be able to read the Word of God, and the last one...
#2:  Blessed to be in such a wonderful family and have such a wonderful father (and Mama!).  I really think that having Mama and Daddy as my parents is half of the reason why I smile so much.  I couldn't imagine life where no one in the family smiles, laughs, jokes, or anything.  Waking up every morning and seeing Daddy tumble down the stairs, half-asleep, to give us a kiss on our foreheads (with his eyes barely opened), is so funny and wonderful.  Hannah and I look at each other in amusement every morning.  Watching Daddy go to the computer, pull up one of his favorite songs on Youtube and dance with Mama in the kitchen, as he smiles down into her face, is absolutely precious.  Seeing Daddy contort his face into many different shapes, keeps conversation alive and joyful.  For those of you who know Daddy, you know he cares for people.  He doesn't just ask "How are you?" he asks, he talks, and he exhorts you.  He doesn't write people off as moody or just plain weird, he talks to them and gets to know them...and then he prays for them.  In the fall and winter, after kisses and hugs were given before bed, I'd look out our big picture window and see Daddy sitting on a log, rusty chair, or anything available, staring into our wood furnace...and I knew he was praying and talking to Jesus, as the fire lit up his face.  Talking to Jesus about his children, his wishes, his desires, people he knew - anything.  Daddy also isn't afraid to cry.  Every now and then, when we're all cuddled up on the couch, with ice cream in hand, preparing to watch a movie, Daddy's eyes search our eyes.  I see the tears well up and start to flow and Daddy chokes out words like these, "I was just looking around and thinking how blessed I am and how much I treasure these moments.  Because I only have a short time with you all, and then you'll be gone.  Gone getting married, having babies" and here he laughs.  Am I not blessed with a Daddy like this?  He makes mistakes - sure - but then he comes back and asks forgiveness.  There is no Daddy like my Daddy.

And that is one of the reasons I smile so much.

Happy birthday, Daddy!  I love you with all my heart!
Kimber :)

"...the glory of children is their father..."
Proverbs 17:6

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  1. Yes Kimber, Dad's are one of the best things in life and I am honored to have one!