Thursday, April 8, 2010

Picture Contest

Hello Everyone,

Kimber and Alexis have entered some photo's in a contest.  If you feel led would you mind voting for them?  They need as much as 50 votes to proceed to the next level.  Please click on the links below then click on a picture and rate it in the bottom right corner!  Thanks so much!

Here's Kimber's:

And Lexi's:

His Daughter,
Hannah---- for the rest


  1. hey its kk...(ur cuzn)ummm i tried to vote for the pics. 4 kimber and lexi but i coulndt get to it b/c u have to hav a user name and password....soooo whenever u get a chance let me know what they r so i can get people to vote for you!! :)

  2. Hey, how do you login...if you don't have a user and pw? =O

    I couldn't figure out how to get an account...

    Help? =P