Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Chicks Are Here!!!

"For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and creature of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by mankind."
James 3:7

This morning at 6:45 AM, Daddy got a call from our local post office saying that our 100 chicks had arrived!   Out of all of us, Alexis was the most excited.  She's been waiting for this day for weeks!!!

After breakfast Daddy (with a few helpers ;) made their little home in the laundry room.

They won't stay in there long because they grow too fast, carry some diseases (wash your hands!!), and will soon learn to fly out of their cage - which is not allowed!

Mama let us take a break from school and chores (another benefit of homeschooling!) and everyone but Hannah, Mama, and Lydia, piled into our little green Avalon and went to pick up the chicks!

The backseaters.

It was 9:10 when we left!

Last night a wintery-mix of weather rained down upon us, so there was a little bit of snow and such on the windshield, but it melted rather quickly.

Once we arrived, we all got out and crammed into the little post office.  You could hear the chicks peeping as soon as you were inside!  The lady brought the box over, checked them over, and gave them to us to take home!  Before we went back into the car Daddy let most of us pick up and hold a little, fluffy chick!

Are they not absolutely adorable? 

Daddy got 50 golden comets, and 50 Buff Orpingtons for those of you who know your chickens!

Eden and a chick.

The chicks came via an airplane from Iowa's Schlecht Hatchery and were in a little cardboard box that was seperated into 4 sections.  They were peeping like crazy!

I managed to get the backseaters to give me a smile because they were doing this... soon as the box was on their lap!

They are so precious!!

We all got to hold one on the way home.  The above chicken was the one Caleb was holding.  It would close its eyes and then open one.  It was so hilarious! :)

Lydia's reaction after we got home - when she saw the chicks.

This should give you an idea to how small the chicks are.  That's Lydia's hands.

Lydia doesn't quite understand that when you pet chicks you have to be very gentle.  Not just gentle.  Very gentle.  She thinks it's like petting a cat and the poor chicks try to get away as fast as they can. 

Daddy opening the box to let the chicks into their new home! :)

Once the chicks had access to the box, some faltered out, others stayed in the box.  So we had to gently push them out.  A few were trying to climb up the box at a 45 degree angle - they didn't want to leave! :)

Lydia managed to get into the dryer (not very safe) while we were watching the chicks settle in.

We showed the chicks where their food and water was, petted a few, and just enjoyed watching them be chicks before we started school.  Right now, they're peeping away and I can hear them very well even though I'm on the opposite side of the house.  Hopefully they'll calm down by tonight because our (Hannah, Alexis, and I) room is almost on top of where the chicks are staying!

The sweet little chicks.


Last night we had our quarterly Bread Becker Pick-up.  (Our B.B. pick-up is when people who order food and such from, pick up their stuff that they ordered - we're one of the co-ops for the area.  We make the entire night into fellowshiping and eating new and old recipes with everyone we haven't seen in awhile)  Everything went really well!

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)

P.S. - There will definitely be a few more chick posts! :)

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  1. Awww!! they're adorable :) 100 is definitely a LOT. Congrats!